Lee Warren

Christian Post Reporter

Southern Baptist Head Laments Materialism, Hedonism in SBC

On the opening day of the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, SBC president Bryant Wright addressed the convention, saying if there is one message God wants Southern Baptist individuals, churches and the convention itself to hear, it is that they have left their first love, as Jesus describes in Revelation 2.

Southern Baptist Baptisms at Lowest in Decades

The number of baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention fell in 2010 by 4.98 percent, according to the latest report. Total membership also declined by 0.15 percent from 2009, making it the fourth straight year of decline

Gay Pride Flag Flies at Federal Reserve Bank of Virginia

The Federal Reserve Bank of Virginia on Wednesday began flying a gay pride flag under the American flag in honor of LGBT pride month. The reserve has received several complaints from employees, some of whom plan to request that the Christian flag go up in September.

Oprah Winfrey Credits 'Hand of God' for Her Show's Success

A few years ago, the popular Christian recording artists Casting Crowns recorded a song in which they asked what would happen if the family of God turned to Jesus and stopped asking Oprah Winfrey what to do. Ironically, in her final show, Winfrey credited Jesus for her success.