Lillian Kwon

Christian Post Reporter

Lesbian Minister Heads to Church Court Again

A retired Presbyterian minister is facing trial Tuesday morning for performing same-sex ceremonies in California. This is the second time the Rev. Jane Adams Spahr, a lesbian activist, has gone to court over violation of church law.

Probe into IAM Workers' Deaths Continues

The Christian aid agency whose workers were murdered in Afghanistan suspects the attack was "an opportunistic ambush by a group of non-local fighters," and not a robbery, according to an announcement Thursday.

21st Harvest Crusade Offers Hope for Hurting

When bad things happen, the general tendency is to blame God for it, said evangelist Greg Laurie. But Laurie and music artist Steven Curtis Chapman have defied the norm by not only turning to God when they faced their darkest days but also testifying of the hope they still have in Jesus.

Sociologist Debunks Myths on U.S. Christianity

Things aren't as bad in American Christianity as many say it is, according to one sociologist. Christianity isn't on the brink of extinction, divorce rates of Christians aren't equal to that of non-Christians and churches are not losing young people