Lillian Kwon

Christian Post Reporter

The Gospel of Jesus' Wife: Ancient Fragment Stirs Debate

A historian from Harvard Divinity School revealed on Tuesday what she claims to be a fourth century fragment of papyrus containing the phrase (in Coptic) "Jesus said to them, 'My wife ... '" The small fragment – referred to as the Gospel of Jesus' Wife – suggests that some early Christians might have held the view that Jesus was married.

China Has Not Banned Forced Abortion, Groups Insist

Some groups are rejecting reports that China has banned forced abortion, asserting that the abhorrent practice is still a reality. Any rhetoric coming out of the Chinese government that it will no longer force women to abort is just that – rhetoric, the groups say.

New Film With Lisa Chan Explores 'True Beauty' the Way God Sees It

Steve Carr may be a man but he knows the pressures and expectations women face when it comes to beauty and success. "Our culture's definition of beauty is impossible to achieve by most. However, if you buy the right products or get the right injections or have the right surgery, you can have a better life!"

Exodus Board Member Resigns; Cites Concerns Over Chambers' Comments

A member of the Exodus International board resigned this week, citing concerns over recent remarks made by Exodus President Alan Chambers. It was just three weeks ago when John Warren, who stepped down Thursday as treasurer of the Exodus International Board of Directors, defended Chambers for his biblical view of sin and repentance.

Exodus Head Apologizes for Blasting Christian Radio Host After Heated Interview

Exodus International President Alan Chambers apologized to a Christian radio host this week for blasting her following a heated interview. "I owe Janet Mefferd and all of you an apology. In the heat of anger over how she has treated me on her show, once where I wasn't present and once where I was, I pulled a comment out and blasted her and asked all of you to do the same."