Lillian Kwon

Christian Post Reporter

Megachurch Pastors Offer Advice on Preaching Better Sermons

How do preachers, particularly megachurch pastors, prepare for sermons every week? Where do they get their ideas? Do they ever get nervous? And how do they deal with both criticism and praise? Those are some of the questions that a group of well-known pastors responded to during a webcast Thursday.

Obama Says Contraception Compromise Protects Religious Liberty

President Obama announced a compromise on Friday to the controversial contraception mandate in an attempt to appease religious groups that oppose the rule. Obama said at a White House press briefing that this new rule would both protect religious liberty and ensure every woman has access to the care she needs.

Tim Keller Condemns Ban on Worship at NY Schools

Renowned Pastor Tim Keller is speaking out for the first time against New York City's ban on church use of public school buildings. "Grieved" that more than 60 churches will be forced out of public schools this month, Keller called the city's ban "unwise" and is hoping for a reversal.

Herman Cain Ends White House Bid; Goes to 'Plan B'

Herman Cain suspended his campaign Saturday, saying the accusations of harassment and infidelity have become a distraction. "I am disappointed that it came to this point that we had to make this decision," the Republican presidential candidate said

Profile of Megachurches: Young, White, Still Growing

If megachurches were a denomination, they'd be the second largest Protestant group in the country, researchers say. With that, researchers took a closer look at the large churches that remain "one of the most robust religious organizational expressions within North America"

John Piper Confronts Sin of Racism, Including His Own

Evangelical theologian John Piper admits it: he was "racist to the core" and a born-again Christian at the same time. But thankfully, he says, "God had mercy on this teenage racist who little by little was awakened to something beautiful – namely racial diversity – and to something horrible – namely my own sin