Lillian Kwon

Christian Post Reporter

C.J. Mahaney Takes Leave Over Charges of Pride, Hypocrisy

Another longtime evangelical minister is stepping back from ministry to examine his soul. C. J. Mahaney announced last week that he is taking a leave of absence after facing charges not of immorality or financial impropriety, but of certain character flaws such as pride and hypocrisy.

Rick Warren: Pride Could Take Me Down

Pastor Rick Warren has never had a problem with money or sex. It's easy to give away money and he sets parameters so that he's never alone with a woman. But pride is another thing and he is coveting prayers in that regard.

The Quandary of Christians in Syria

Reports that Syrian Christians are throwing their support behind President Bashar al-Assad, whose family has ruled the Western Asian country for 40 years, may at first sound daunting.

Donald Trump, Paula White Rallying Christian Support?

Pastor Paula White and Donald Trump are teaming up to host a private meeting with Christian leaders in New York this week. One invitee, Brian McClaren, predicts the meeting is an attempt by Trump to reach out to Christians as he considers launching a presidential bid.

Francis Chan: Church Today Not What God Intended

Church today has become predictable, says bestselling author and influential preacher Francis Chan. "You go to a building, someone gives you a bulletin, you sit in a chair, you sing a few songs, a guy delivers maybe a polished message"