Luiza Oleszczuk

Christian Post Reporter

Vatican 'Shamed' by Irish Sex Scandal, Asks Victims for Forgiveness

A Vatican delegation to Ireland concluded Tuesday in an investigative report on causes of a major sex abuse scandal that local church leaders were guilty of negligence. Delegates also asked victims for forgiveness in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, and vowed to continue to implement reform to further protect children.

Controversial Egyptian Muslim Cleric Sued for Cursing Dead Coptic Pope

While Egypt's Coptic Christians are mourning the death of Pope Shenouda III, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, a controversial Muslim cleric and scholar, known for his negative comments against Christians, Wagdy Ghoneim, caused a storm online by releasing a video in which he calls the pope "head of infidels" and says "Let him go to Hell."

Persecution Brief: Nigeria Bombing; Imprisoned Church Head in Peril

Several cases of persecution were reported this week, including another church bombing in Nigeria's turbulent city of Jos. Meanwhile, a Christian human rights group informed The Christian Post that the head of Eritrean Orthodox church remains in prison, where - according to the group- he was placed unlawfully, and is denied medical attention he urgently needs. Also, a new report found that 74 percent of Pakistani women from minority communities -- Christians and Hindus -- were sexually harassed, while 43 percent faced religious discrimination at workplaces in 2010 and 2011.

Afghans Burn Cross in Fury Over Civilian Killings

The Christian community in Afghanistan is believed to be under threat of retaliation after a U.S. soldier allegedly killed 16 Afghan civilians Sunday, causing a mob of angry Afghans to burn a cross and an effigy of President Barack Obama in the ensuing protests.

Christian Missions Play Key Role Amid Rumors of 'New Darfur' Genocide

As reports coming from Sudan paint an increasingly gruesome picture of the Khartoum government allegedly planning to wipe out the country's ethnic populations and non-Muslims in the southern region of the Nuba Mountains, local Christian missions are playing an important role, as even the United Nations has no access to the country's embattled southern regions.

Persecution Brief: Pakistani Christian Tortured, Nadarkhani Still Facing Death

Several reports of the persecution of Christians and related issues appeared in the press this week. Among them was an account of a Christian woman being tortured and humiliated in Pakistan; a false report on Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani having been executed last week; and the anniversary of the death of a Christian government official murdered last year in Pakistan being remembered by both Christians and Muslims.