Luke Hamilton

CP Guest Contributor

Storage Wars: The Midterm Edition

The 2014 election was an epic political repudiation of President Obama, Harry Reid, and the Progressive agenda in Washington. It was a demonstration that all but the most white-eyed leftist loons in America are tired of Obama's ineptitude, deliberate or otherwise.

Our New National Security Policy; Never Let an ISIS Go to Waste

President Obama has described his willingness to engage this enemy overseas in an open-ended campaign, spanning multiple years. But why would we expend effort, money, and manpower to fight an enemy overseas who has already infiltrated our ranks here at home, going so far as to leave the back-door open for anyone and everyone to visit?

Virtue Gone Mad: Postmodernism's Assault on Truth

How did this unified concept of Virtue become so fragmented? Postmodernists have been laboring for decades to dismantle the concept of Truth and as this cornerstone continues to crumble, the rest of the Christian virtues are becoming increasingly unmoored.

I Don't Want to Write About Barack Anymore…

I am sick to death of writing about Barack the Destroyer. Ever since that cold November day in 2008, when a chill settled into the heart of every American patriot, we have been fighting. Fighting with written word. Fighting with deeds. Fighting with shaky camera footage. Fighting with Town Halls. Fighting with viral media. Fighting any way within our means.

Men Without Chests and the Women Who Love Them

The world will soon belong to the men without chests. As it is, many of the first-world nations are already steered by such men, including America herself. Britain, France, Iraq, Spain, and our own United States are all run by men without chests.

Free Crack Pipes and the Hidden Gospel in America

We want everyone to feel good. There is no room in Obamatopia for anyone to suffer deprivation, be it physical, emotional, or social. That is unless you believe in limited government or unalienable rights. Then it's a one-way ticket out of the land of milk and tolerance into a railcar bound for Camp Re-education; but as long as you toe the thin pink line, things are gravy.

The Motivational Doctrine of Anthony Weiner's Discomfort

In a sad turn of events, former-Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife are reportedly looking to down-size their living arrangements. They are planning to leave their $12,000/month Park Ave. apartment and have recently viewed a more frugal living space. According to the Washington Times, the new apartment they are considering rents for a mere $8,000/month.

Why Chris Christie's Problem is a Problem for American Conservatives

The scandal involving Governor Chris Christie and a retributive construction project near the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey is bad news for conservatives. It's not bad news for conservatives the same way it's bad news for Reince Priebus, John Boehner, and Karl Rove, because those guys were hoping that Chris would get elected to the Presidency and bolster the flaccid progressive party they're running.

The Coronation of Ineptitude: How to do the Obama Two-Step

When confronted with the failures of his own administration, President Obama does what any good Chicago politician does; he pleads incompetence and feigns anger, which allows him a spot at the head of the restless mob without leaving any of his fingerprints on the problem. He finds a way to blame his administration for their incompetence while pretending that he has nothing to do with his administration.