Maria Mackay

Christian Today Reporter

Church Ignoring Jesus' Teaching on Money, Says Charity Head

The head of a national money education charity based in London spoke of the challenge facing the Church to preach on what the Bible has to say about money, debt and possessions. He chided the Church for failing to present the world with a Christ-inspired alternative to debt and borrowing.

Atheist Ads Hit London Buses

As atheist ads hit London's buses on Tuesday, one faith-based think tank says they will only get people thinking more about God. The ads by the British Humanist Association carry the slogan "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." They are to appear on 30 of London's bendy buses.

Charity Tells of Suffering in Holy Land

"We cannot change the whole world but we can change the world for one person at a time," said the Chief Executive of BibleLands, Nigel Edward-Few. He outlined the challenges facing millions of people in the Holy Land.

Anglicans Seek Balance Between Autonomy, Communion

Anglican bishops at the once-a-decade Lambeth Conference in Canterbury said Friday that they were positive about the process towards an Anglican Covenant. Archbishop Drexel Gomez said that the Anglican Covenant was "badly needed" to help reconcile liberal and conservative Anglicans.

African Bishop Accuses Anglican Head of 'Betrayal'

The Archbishop of Uganda, the Most Rev. Henry Orombi, has accused the head of the Anglican Communion of betraying biblically faithful churches by inviting bishops involved in the consecration of an openly gay bishop to their global conference.

Archbishop Appeals to Divided Anglicans to Show Generosity

The Archbishop of Canterbury appealed to hundreds of bishops to demonstrate mutual generosity as the row over sexual ethics continues to embroil the Anglican Communion. Dr. Rowan Williams said that warring factions in the worldwide Communion were "threatening death to each other, not life."

Group: Anglicans Must Stop Gay Consecrations, Blessings

A group of senior Anglican clergy presented a document on Monday demanding a halt to the consecration of partnered gay and lesbian bishops, blessings for same-sex unions and cross-border interventions. The group warned that if the three moratoria were not observed, the Anglican Communion was "likely to fracture."

Bishops March for Action Against Global Poverty

Hundreds of Anglican bishops, faith leaders and Christian charity representatives marched passed Parliament and Downing Street Thursday in a call to world leaders to do everything they can to halve extreme global poverty by 2015.

Brian McLaren Challenges Anglicans on Emerging Culture

One of the emerging church's foremost figures, Brian McLaren, challenged Anglicans earlier this week to speak the Gospel into the world's ever-changing cultures. He argued that religion had "orphaned" emerging culture and failed to answer questions raised by the "hurricane of change" in the modern world.