Maria Mackay

Christian Today Reporter

Nigerian Archbishop Snubs Episcopal, Anglican Leaders

The Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria has disregarded requests from the leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church in America by going ahead with the installation of Bishop Martyn Minns of Virginia as the head of a new diocese for congregations wanting to leave the U.S.-based church body.

British Airways Lifts Religious Symbols Ban

British Airways has announced it will now allow its staff to wear a “symbol of faith” openly after a massive row erupted over the airline’s decision to ban a check-in worker from wearing a cross. Church leaders, including the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, have welcomed the decision.

Open Doors Calls for Prayers for Bangladesh

Open Doors has called for Christians to pray for Bangladesh in a bid to restore peace and order after a series of pre-election protests prompted the interim caretaker government to declare a state of emergency last week.

Study: Online Prayer Helps Cancer Patients

A new study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center of Excellence in Cancer Communications Research has found that breast cancer patients who pray in online support groups can obtain mental health benefits.