Mark D. Tooley

Christian Post Contributor

When Christian Social Justice Activists Ignore Social Justice

Christian social justice activism almost always focuses on racial, gender, poverty and immigrant injustice. Its intentions are often good. Sometimes but not always the results are helpful. But rarely does Christian social justice activism focus on concerns outside the parameters of the secular left.

Pat Robertson, Murder & Saudi Arabia

Pat Robertson semi-regularly excites controversy with provocative comments, typically made on his daily television program 700 Club. Most recently he ignited widespread denunciation for seeming to minimize journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder by Saudi operatives. Robertson stressed the importance of USA arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Tim Keller, Christians & Politics

These themes from Keller are sound. Space permitting, no doubt he would have elaborated how Christian political witness is pursued and by whom. (Perhaps he does in his book, which I've not yet read.)

Refugee Jesus and Paula White

Maybe there should be a moratorium on Protestants quoting or citing the Bible when discussing border policy or immigration. Whether conservative or liberal, the end result is typically unpleasant.

Royal Wedding and Episcopal Love

The wedding sermon from Episcopal Church USA Michael Curry justifiably has earned rave reviews for compelling delivery and a love-soaked message very appropriate for a wedding, royal or otherwise.

Our Sin-Drenched Nation

The Christians who disdain America often suffer from particular theological confusion, believing humanity basically good, while America is the odious aberration.

Trashing Megachurches

Trashing megachurches is often popular. According to the standard stereotype, they're big exurban factories resembling car dealerships with giant parking lots and giant American flags, catering to rich, socially irresponsible SUV driving Sunbelt Republicans anxious to hear superficial, self-serving health and wealth sermons from huckster preachers in flashy suits.

Christmas and Dethroning the Mighty

Communism's collapse at Christmas, at least according to the Western calendar, is perhaps providentially significant. Christmas is an eternal rebuttal to tyrants and all rulers who are proud.

Should Church Worship Spaces Be Used for Yoga?

There are Evangelicals and Catholics who critique yoga as wrong for Christians because its mantras originate in eastern religion. Setting aside that concern, should worship space be open to recreation and "profane" (i.e., secular) activities like yoga?

Does the Bible Offer Definitive Guidance on Illegal Immigrants?

Many religious groups and voices are fiercely denouncing the announced rescission of DACA. It's understandable that religious groups are eager to show solidarity with young adults not responsible for their parents' violation of immigration law. But the often shrill religious rhetoric on DACA is not helpful to the debate.

'Queering John Wesley'

On March 3-4 I attended the Wesleyan Theological Society's annual meeting, featuring scores of distinguished scholars, and gathered this year at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. It was a wonderful experience that highlighted the ongoing vitality of orthodox Wesleyan thought.