Mark D. Tooley

Christian Post Contributor

America's 'Best' Theologian

Christian pacifist Stanley Hauerwas was hailed by Time magazine in 2001 as America's "best" theologian. Whether best or not, he is certainly one of America's most influential theologians and ethicists.

Methodists for 'Justice'

Open border advocates on the Religious Left mystically describe illegal immigrants as "sojourners" seeking respite, like the Holy Family's escape to Egypt from the angry King Herod who sought to kill the Baby Jesus.

A Wildman Against Israel

One of Mainline Protestantism's harshest critics of Israel is United Methodist missions official David Wildman, who commonly likens Israel to Apartheid South Africa.

Religious Left Did Not Always Despise Israel

The Religious Left in America and internationally is viscerally opposed to Israel, whom it exclusively faults for nearly all Middle East turmoil. But liberal churchmen in the West used to support Israel, welcoming its creation as a providential reaction to the horrors of the Holocaust.

The World Council of Churches and the Zionist Catastrophe

The Geneva-based World Council of Churches (WCC), seemingly having preferred not to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel, is instead in June convening a global week-long commemoration of the 1967 war. This remembrance will mournfully lament Israel's occupation of the West Bank, without specifically recalling that the occupation only began after Israel defeated several Arab armies poised for attack. "It's Time for Palestine!" is the theme for the joint advocacy initiative involving church events around the world.

Guilting Evangelicals Away from Israel

The Evangelical Left is again trying to guilt U.S. Evangelicals out of their traditional pro-Israel stance. The latest blast came from the Rev. Rich Nathan of the 6,500 member charismatic Vineyard Church of Columbus, Ohio.