Mark Earley

Christian Post Guest Columnist

The Countersign

When catastrophe strikes, what can we Christians offer? We can offer a countersign. I'll explain.

Sign of the Times

Truth in advertising, or a government campaign to steer women away from crisis pregnancy centers? You decide.

Parental Priorities

I hope you saw the 2006 film Amazing Grace about the life of William Wilberforce. Well, there's a new book out that shows a side of Wilberforce I never knew about.

Seeing Is Believing

A groundbreaking new law restricting abortion in Nebraska is getting a lot of attention from pro-abortion forces. And well it should. I'll explain.

Witnessing to Muslims

All too often, Christians associate only with other Christians. If they share their life in Jesus at all, they tend to do so with the link-minded.

Christians in Iraq

The apostle Paul told us that when one part of the Body suffers, every other part suffers with it. Our brothers and sisters in Iraq who are believers are suffering. And they need us.

The Lost Art of Catechesis

"Catechism." It seems like such a dusty old word. But if the Church is to grow and prosper, we had better rediscover the importance of solid teaching.

Kids and Video Screens

If your teenager is awake and isn't in school, he or she is staring at a screen a smart-phone, a computer, or watching television.

A Movie that Matters

There's a new film coming out this week that could change the life of a teenager in your area. How can you and your church support it?

Christians as 'The Other'

It is fascinating that the media is so fascinated about Christians. One journalist set out to find out all about these curious people. Or did she really?

A Setback for Reform?

The slaying of four police officers in Tacoma is a good reminder that, though redemption and transformation is at the heart of the Gospel, some people must be put behind bars and kept there.

Advent Conspiracy

Five pastors. Five congregations. And one radically different approach to Christmas. What can we learn from it?

True Versus Misplaced Compassion

Should dying prisoners be released early on grounds of compassion? In some cases, absolutely. In the case of the Lockerbie bomber, that is a wholly different matter.