Mark Earley

Christian Post Guest Columnist

The Wrong Message

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series has been getting a lot of press lately—especially since the fourth book in the series, titled Breaking Dawn, was released on August 2 to huge sales.

True Martyrdom

True martyrs do not choose death, but are put to death, because they cannot compromise their beliefs.

Americans Behind Bars

We are by far the world's largest jailer. Our closest rival, China, has a third fewer prisoners than we do, despite having four times as many people.

No Life, No Justice

Followers of Jesus are being asked by politicos, pundits, and even some pastors, to abandon abortion as a decisive and vital issue in this year's election.

Encouraging the Armies of Compassion

At the beginning of his administration, President Bush established the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The idea was as simple as it was controversial: The federal government would work with faith-based groups to tackle tough social problems.

Possessing Nothing to Possess All

Ken Boa, who features The Pursuit of God this month in his tremendous "Great Books Audio CD" series, says that Tozer was "a modern mystic who had given priority to the lost art of meditation."