Mark Hensch

Christian Post Reporter

Understanding Nigeria's Raging Christian-Muslim Conflict

Nigeria gripped news headlines over Christmas weekend when Islamic extremists bombed Christian churches in five different cities. Though such tragedies give the appearance of rampant religious violence, many experts now caution that religion is just one among several factors fueling strife in the West African nation.

Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse': Is It a Family or War Movie?

Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" is a movie that wants to gallop but can't take it past a trot. On paper, it's a film that should find the famed director confidently behind the reins and riding to critical acclaim. But in reality, "War Horse" shows Spielberg is uncertain sitting in the director's saddle this time.

Is Trevor Bayne NASCAR's Tim Tebow?

What does it take strapping into a car and racing at speeds exceeding 200 mph for a living? For stock car racer Trevor Bayne, the answer is the power of prayer. The 21-year-old driver blazed to the forefront of the racing world last February when he won the Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, Fla., largely considered the sport's most significant race. He is the competition's youngest winner ever.

Q&A: Bill Cosby Talks Family, Faith and Tim Tebow

Bill Cosby's career is one of the most unbelievable acts in comedy. Over five decades, he's split sides with laughter in stand-up comedy, sitcoms, movies, music and books. His latest writing, I Didn't Ask to Be Born (But I'm Glad I was), is a new collection of essays from the elder statesman of snickers.

Christian Persecution Expert Insists 'Islam Needs a Reformation'

A controversial new book concludes that Muslims must change Islam or risk making it inseparable from violence and discrimination. Islam Uncensored is written by Jeff King, who spent nine years as president of International Christian Concern, a persecution watchdog group. King argues that Americans shouldn't mince words when it comes to Islamic extremism. He maintains that radical Islamic persecution of other major faiths has placed it among the greatest threats to world peace.

Virgin Mary Statues' 'Fashion' Displayed in Museum

Did the Virgin Mary look couture while raising Christ? The French edition of The Associated Press reports that that's the question asked by "Fashion Icon," a new art exhibit on display at France's Lyon Fabric Museum. Running until March, it collects clothing from the 12th to 19th centuries used to adorn statues of Mary and her holy son.