Mark Hensch

Christian Post Reporter

Interview: Switchfoot Drummer Sounds off on God's Grace

In an interview with The Christian Post, Switchfoot’s drummer describes the tug-of-war between life and death, darkness and light on their latest album Vice Verses. It’s a topsy-turvy world, the skinsman says, and we can only navigate it by giving our lives to God’s will.

Christian Musician Matt Brouwer: My Faith 'Grew Out of Tragedy'

It took losing his earthly father for award-winning singer-songwriter Matt Brouwer to understand his heavenly father. Since growing up in a single parent household on a dairy farm with two older brothers, Brouwer has turned his heartbreak into a way of wrestling with God's will through song.

Researchers Uncover 4th Century Coptic Christian Community in Egypt

A team of Egyptian researchers has saved an ancient Christian settlement from disappearing in the sands of time. The English edition of Egypt's Almasry Alyoum newspaper reported that diggers discovered a 4th century Coptic community in the nation's Ain al-Sabil region last week. Located by Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, the rare find joins such historical Egyptian sites as the Pyramids, the Sphinx and King Tut's tomb.

Tim Tebow Leads Broncos to Dominate Division; Thanks God for Team

The Denver Broncos met the Minnesota Vikings yesterday in Minneapolis for a routine late season showdown. What followed was instead a brutal, back-and-forth shootout that saw each team pushed to the edge of defeat. Undeterred by such drama, Tim Tebow helped take his team back from the brink and earned them first place in the AFC West division en route to victory.

Evangelicals Take Stand on Trinity

A group of 73 evangelicals and counting have joined together in a shared declaration stating that when it comes to the three persons of God, it's one-for-all and all-for one. Titled "An Evangelical Statement on the Trinity," the document affirms that God is one being comprised of three aspects that are co-equal and co-eternal.

Christian Fair Trade Group Gives the Poor a Fighting Chance

A faith-based trade organization believes that consumers can save the developing world with their spending habits this Christmas season. Nathan George said that the concept of "fair trade" is the cornerstone of Trade as One's business model. Fair trade finds skilled workers in the developing world and pairs them with steady employment and access to international markets for their products.

Megachurch Pastor: Prayer Is My Wi-Fi

Christians have analyzed prayer's idea of "ask and you shall receive" since man's earliest pleas to God. For Mark Batterson, head pastor of D.C.'s National Community Church, the best prayers are those that boldly go where no prayers have gone before.