Mark Hensch

Christian Post Reporter

New Atheist Holiday Ads Accuse Christians of Intolerance

The clash between Christians and atheists for the soul of Christmas rages on. The American Humanist Association fired the most recent salvo by unveiling its third annual holiday public awareness campaign Monday. Titled "Bias Against Atheists Is Naughty, Not Nice"

D.C. Megachurch Creates 'The God Anthology' Album

Can worship songs like "Amazing Grace" analyze God's fundamental attributes? The God Anthology Live was launched by the success of NCC's summer 2011 sermon series "The God Anthology." The anthology spent nine weeks navigating God's characteristics, he said, using Scripture as a map for people to come closer to Christ.

Tim Tebow Finds Other Football Stars in His Corner

Could Tim Tebow eventually work his way into gridiron greatness? It's a question more football fans are asking as the Denver Broncos quarterback racks up wins during the 2011 season's closing stretch. After a rocky start, Colorado's football franchise is now 5-5 and second place in their AFC West division. Given Tebow has taken his team to 4-1, many players old and new have started singing the young athlete's praises.

Defeating the Occult: A Minister's Former Descent Into Darkness (Part 1)

The occult is an object of fascination for Christians as it brings home the fact that God – and the dark forces against Him – are not of this world. In its broadest sense, the word "occult" contains the entire supernatural realm. Modern science has made man quick to scoff at magic and monsters, demons and the divine. All the same, many Christians can't shake the feeling that good and evil are battling on Earth for their hearts and minds.

Tim Tebow's Next Play: Building a Children's Hospital in the Philippines

Before evangelical sports icon Tim Tebow wowed on American football fields, he called the Philippines home. The Denver Broncos quarterback now hopes his celebrity status will help build a children's hospital in his birth country. His Tim Tebow Foundation announced yesterday that it would team with CURE International and develop a surgical facility in the island nation's Davao City.

Interview: Sixpence None the Richer's Leigh Nash on 'Hymns and Sacred Songs'

Sixpence None the Richer lead singer Leigh Nash feels less-is-more for getting near God's love. Her upcoming album, "Hymns and Sacred Songs," finds the platinum-selling singer peeling back the layers of Sixpence's pop sound for simplistic, vulnerable praise music. The end result is earnest but bare-bones, a worship album in awe of God's majesty and grace.

Author: God Does Not Exist for Our Self-Gratification

Peter Rollins hopes his writings inspire a revolution in religion. The uprising he advocates in Insurrection: To Believe Is Human – To Doubt, Divine, however, is spiritual rather than physical. Believers have commodified Christ, he argues, and it must stop.

Pro Wrestling Film Grapples With God

A new documentary explores what it's like to be a pro wrestler pinned down for the count only for Jesus to tag in and make the save. "Wrestling for Jesus" is a film sharing the trials and tribulations of Timothy "T-Money" Blackmon, a pro wrestler who forms an evangelical wrestling league

Not Another Tween Movie

“The Greening of Whitney Brown” is a film that could have followed predictable pre-teen formulas already done by the Disney Channel. It instead veers slightly off-course, placing enough focus on the title character's family that viewers are left with another experience entirely.

New As I Lay Dying Album Unafraid of Departing From the Divine

San Diego's As I Lay Dying has weathered over a decade in the heavy metal underground. Through it all, they've remained dedicated defenders of Christianity and written music that slams as hard as their secular peers. Their latest release, Decas, drives this point home with a mosh pit ministry that should appeal to sinners and saints alike.

Author: US Christians Should Extend Grace to Arab World

Carl Medearis maintains that peace between Christians and Muslims remains vital. In America, he says, things are tenser than they used to be. We already think Muslims are scary, suspicious, and terrorists lurking around the corner. The media didn't create that. The real issue is that we already think that.