Martin E. Marty

Christian Post Contributor

David Barton's Christian America

Last weekend was supposed to belong to Osama Bin Laden, and he was noticed, also by those who monitor the fates of religions in media. Amazingly, he had to share space and time with a figure self-described as an historian, and other-described as “little-known.”

'Atlas Shrugged' and Its Reviewers

Why expressive conservative Christians waste energies responding to the comparatively trivial “new atheists” while giving Rand a free ride or while taking their own ride on her renewed bandwagon is further a part of the mystery.

Fasting for the Poor

As Bittman tells it, he is fasting, or was, last Monday, when thousands of others also fasted to draw notice to those Congressional budget proposals

Newt Gingrich's Comic Repentance

After a week of tsunamis, earthquakes, Libyan horrors, Philadelphia clerical sex scandal news, National Public Radio disasters, and National Football League lock-out threats, we the people look for some comic relief. Celebrity politician Newt Gingrich provided this

Hell's Bell

Rob Bell is seen by his enemies as baiting those to his right by writing too kindly about God and the many mortals destined for hell, and they insist that softness has to stop

American Grace

"Americans" can be dogmatic about the exclusive paths to salvation which millions affirm but then also in many circumstances they talk as if they can issue free passes to heaven for almost everybody.

Politics and Inerrancy

Decades ago wags said that the Episcopal Church was "the Republican Party at prayer," but in elections in our time it has been said that "inerrant Word of God" factions tended to find Republicans to be inerrant.

Another 'God that Failed'

There is no Schadenfreude, no joy in the misfortunes of others, in their and most of their colleagues' writings elsewhere in the religious press, because there are no simple "others" when "we" are all in the mix of disasters together.

Pulpit Freedom from the IRS

Less noticed than its law-breaking advocates hoped it would be, dozens of churches defied federal regulations and used their pulpits yesterday to challenge IRS regulations, which insist that tax exempt organizations dare not spend a "substantial part of [their] activities in carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation."


"Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End in Sight," screamed the September 18th Wall Street Journal, in company with all other headliners.


In a world given to suspicion, sometimes well-founded, and cynicism, always destructive, it is nice to see corners of the media world which would replace the sneering section not with a cheering section, but with a give-peace-a-chance view from the sidelines.

More Pew Findings

In this business and with pleasure one cannot not comment on the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life surveys. They are the most ambitious and expansive polls and draw the most public attention.