Marty Duren

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Why So Few Blacks at the Planned Parenthood Protests?

Following the nationwide Planned Parenthood protests two Saturdays ago, I looked over as many photos of the events as I could find. Most images were from protesters themselves, published on social media. Some were from friends of mine; most were not.

Maybe Christians Should Cut Matthew McConaughey Some Slack

Mr. Matthew McConaughey was awarded the Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar Sunday night for his performance in the AIDS-themed movie Dallas Buyer's Club. Almost immediately his acceptance speech sent social media ablaze with condemnation. Why? Because he talked about God too much. Or, he did not talk about God the right way. Or, the fact that he was thanking God for opportunities that may have included acting in raunchy movies.

What One Follower of Christ Thinks About Universal Health Care

The current American version of Universal Healthcare (UHC), Obamacare, has been the subject of not a little debate. One side seems to think it is a literal panacea. The other places it somewhere between overt communism or the total collapse of the U.S. economy and Satan worship accompanied by child sacrifices.

Are There Any LGBT Community Members Who Support Free Speech?

The big news from this morning was the GQ interview with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. My question is where are the members of the LGBT community who still believe in the First Amendment to the Constitution? Does free speech only count during Pride weeks and Pride parades?

No, No Megyn Kelly, Jesus Was Not a White Guy

Megyn Kelly is a popular personality on Fox News. In a recent segment, Kelly took up her sword to challenge a writer, Aisha Harris's assertion that Santa Claus should no longer be white. Harris calls for a complete makeover: make Santa a penguin. This, however is not the real problem. Kelly asserts that Jesus was white!

Holy Hip-Hop and Errors in Judgement

Monday a video called "What About Holy Hip-Hop?" was posted online at, the website for the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. I know little about this group and do not want to insinuate that the families and churches involved with it believe as these panelists do on this subject.

On Turning 50

Today I turn 50 and by all but the most generous of measures this life is more than half spent. Unless I reach 100 years of age, for every day I have lived on Earth I have less than one day left. This ratio will continue to build in a negative direction until my last breath.

John MacArthur and Hearing the Voice of God

Much ado has been made in recent days about California pastor John MacArthur's Strange Fire conference. Michael Patton, a MacArthur fan, offers a critique of the conference, the book, and MacArthur's attitude toward Charismatics, so I will not.

Hollywood Opts for Worn Christian Clichés in 'Prisoner' Movie

I went to see Prisoners last week based on the promise of the trailers and the insistence of my daughter. The movie was neither as bad nor as good as it might have been. Intensity and uncertainty drive the movie exploring the fear every parent shares: a child who has vanished without a trace.