Marty Duren

CP Op-Ed Contributor


  • Nelson Mandela and the Language of Terrorism

    The death of Mandela allows us to think about what it means to be a terrorist, and how the language of terrorism is used to frame political debate.

  • Two Books Every Follower of Jesus Should Give and Get for Christmas

    From all the books and commentaries I have used, though, if I were asked of a list of books followers of Jesus should read now to help them understand the Bible better, it would be these two: Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes, by Richards and O'Brien, and Fixing Abraham, by Chris Tiegreen.

  • Holy Hip-Hop and Errors in Judgement

    Monday a video called "What About Holy Hip-Hop?" was posted online at, the website for the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. I know little about this group and do not want to insinuate that the families and churches involved with it believe as these panelists do on this subject.

  • On Turning 50

    Today I turn 50 and by all but the most generous of measures this life is more than half spent. Unless I reach 100 years of age, for every day I have lived on Earth I have less than one day left. This ratio will continue to build in a negative direction until my last breath.

  • If You Think Obamacare Is Bad, Consider Reserve Currencies

    What if Obamacare is not the worst thing happening? What if something was happening with the potential to dwarf Obamacare?

  • John MacArthur and Hearing the Voice of God

    Much ado has been made in recent days about California pastor John MacArthur's Strange Fire conference. Michael Patton, a MacArthur fan, offers a critique of the conference, the book, and MacArthur's attitude toward Charismatics, so I will not.

  • Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar to Start New Mass Media Organization

    Amid an an era in which the mass media is as useless as a flat Coke, a ray of light breaks. As badly as we need a third major political party in America we also need a truly independent, aggressive media. We have neither, and we are worse for it.

  • Hollywood Opts for Worn Christian Clichés in 'Prisoner' Movie

    I went to see Prisoners last week based on the promise of the trailers and the insistence of my daughter. The movie was neither as bad nor as good as it might have been. Intensity and uncertainty drive the movie exploring the fear every parent shares: a child who has vanished without a trace.

  • Christians Need to Engage Culture Through the Arts

    Followers of Christ need to engage culture through the arts. The more we do not make good music, good films, good art, good books and good plays the greater the void will be filled by many who ignore God or deny Him.

  • Two Secure Email Services Close Due to US Government Spying

    Not only does the U.S. government actively collect data from the private communications of its citizens (aka, "spying"), we make it easy when we use email.