Meagan Johnson

Christian Post Contributor

Cindy Anthony: Casey's Acquittal a Sign From God

Casey Anthony's mother said in a recent television interview that her daughter's acquittal on murder charges was a sign from God. Casey Anthony's parents, George and Cindy, broke their silence in an interview aired Wednesday with television host Dr. Phil McGraw.

Abuse Victims Accuse Pope, Vatican Officials of Crimes Against Humanity

Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican leaders for crimes against humanity. Two victims' groups Tuesday filed more than 20,000 pages to support allegations that the pope and three top Vatican officials abetted and covered up the rape and sexual assault of children.

Carl Lewis Ordered Back on New Jersey Senate Ballot

Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis was ordered back on the New Jersey state Senate ballot Tuesday after a federal appeals court overturned last week’s ruling. A 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel voted 2-1, restoring Lewis to the Nov. 8 general election.

Former Al-Qaida Terrorist Becomes Comic Book Hero

Former Al Qaida-linked militant Nasir Abas went from training extremist to a comic book hero who fights against terrorism. The real life adventures of Abas, who carried out the deadly Bali bombings in 2002, are told by a new comic book in Indonesia that chronicles his transformation from international foe to invaluable ally.

9/11 Anniversary: Story of Female First Responders Ignored

Networks are airing a wide array of documentaries on Sunday to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Each documentary tells a different story, but Soledad O’Brien’s CNN special “Beyond Bravery: The Women of 9/11” highlights the remarkable efforts of female first responders.