Melissa Barnhart

CP Reporter

Zero Jobs Created by $150K Stimulus Spent to Study Lesbian Parents

Clark University in Worchester, Mass., received a $152,000 grant awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services to interview 50 lesbian couples before and after they became adoptive parents. The grant was awarded to the Trustees of Clark University to fund a research project, titled "Transition to Adoptive Parenthood," to study the potential strengths and challenges faced by lesbian parents three months after they adopted their children.

Sentencing Begins for Gosnell Employees; Pro-Life Group Calls for Excavation of Landfills to Locate Babies

Elizabeth Hampton, Kermit Gosnell's sister-in-law who worked at the Women's Medical Society abortion clinic in West Philadelphia, was sentenced Tuesday morning to serve one year of probation after pleading guilty to one count of perjury for lying to FBI and DEA agents about practices inside the clinic during their Feb. 18, 2010, raid to investigate Gosnell's illegal prescription drug operation.

Scouting Community Fear Sex, Politics of Gay Agenda Will Fracture Boy Scouts of America

Opponents of the BSA's resolution to allow openly-gay membership in the scouts frequently speak about keeping sex and politics out of the scouts – an institution where young boys, many of whom grow up in fatherless homes, depend on mentors who can teach them how to become moral and upstanding citizens, according to Robert Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of the Family Research Council, who's asking delegates to vote "No" when they cast their ballots Thursday.

Gosnell's Defense Attorney Says US Needs 17-Week Abortion Ban, Yearly Clinic Inspections

Jack McMahon, defense attorney for abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, shocked America Wednesday during his first live cable news interview since the jury's verdict in his client's case. McMahon twice said, "thank God," and revealed to Fox News host Megyn Kelly that he believes banning abortion after 17-weeks should become law, and all abortion clinics must be inspected annually.

Abortion Clinic Employees Reveal Alleged Texas 'House of Horrors' in Douglas Karpen's Clinic

Spurred by pro-life groups and Texas Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the Harris County District Attorney's Office is proceeding with an investigation into allegations that Houston-based abortionist Douglas Karpen, who operates three abortion clinics in the state – two in Houston and one in Dallas – has performed illegal late-term abortions and killed babies born alive, a violation of the federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Jesus House Choir 'Reaching Out' to Transform Lives, Break Stereotypes of Homelessness

For 40 years Jesus House, a nondenominational Christian outreach organization, has been transforming the lives of those battling addiction, suffering from mental illness, or facing the perils of homelessness and poverty. More than a shelter, Jesus House is a hub of community support that transforms the lives of their residents, as well as the tens of thousands of people who depend on the work of Jesus House volunteers who seek out the needs of the community.