Melissa Barnhart

CP Reporter

Justin Bieber Doesn't Care About the Bible, Only Himself, Says Fox News Host Juan Williams

During a roundtable discussion about Justin Bieber's numerous offensive acts, Fox News co-hosts on "The Five" questioned the motives behind the pop-star's recent baptism, and suggested that his lifestyle reveals that he doesn't care about the Bible at all. Guest co-host Juan Williams asserted that Bieber isn't really serious about his Christian faith, despite newspaper claims that he's getting serious about God.

Interview: Emily Letts Says Parental Consent for Abortion Is 'Dangerous' for Teens

Emily Letts, the former actress and abortion counselor who's best known for posting a video on Vimeo and YouTube that allegedly shows her having a surgical abortion, believes state laws requiring abortion clinics to obtain parental consent before performing abortions on minors are "dangerous." Letts also asserts that parents shouldn't be "forced" to be involved in their adolescent daughters' healthcare decisions.

Is Actress Emily Letts' Abortion Video Actually a Fake?

Former actress and abortion counselor Emily Letts, who posted a video on YouTube that allegedly shows her having a surgical procedure for an early first trimester abortion, is being called out by some pro-life advocates as having possibly faked the video due to its glaring inconsistencies.

Canadian Sculptor Tim Schmalz, Who Met Pope John Paul II, Remembers His Impact Prior to Sainthood Ceremony

More than half a million people gathered in St. Peter's Square Sunday to join Pope Francis and Retired Benedict XVI for holy mass and the sainthood ceremony for Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. Canadian sculptor Tim Schmalz had the honor of meeting Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II and told The Christian Post that both pontiffs have encouraged the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world and Christians of all denominations to help the poor and marginalized in society.

Robert Jeffress Shares 'The Passion and the Promise' of Jesus Christ

Pastor Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, is preaching his Easter message on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a sermon titled, "Jesus: The Passion and the Promise." As a guest on Alan Colmes' Fox News radio program earlier this week, he was asked this question: "Which is more important to you? The death of Jesus or the resurrection of Jesus?"