Michael Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Are Men Voting Against Hillary Just Sexist?

Eight years ago, and again four years ago, conservative white Americans were told that the reason we did not vote for Barack Obama was because we were racist. Now, conservative American men are being told that the reason we are not voting for Hillary Clinton is because we are sexist.

Would a Trump-Appointed Supreme Court Really Make a Difference?

Dr. Benjamin L. Corey, who blogs as a committed (and formerly fundamentalist) Christian, recently posted an article entitled, "The Christian Right's False Hope In A Conservative SCOTUS," in which he challenges the idea that "if we had a SCOTUS filled with justices largely appointed by Republicans, we wouldn't have Roe v. Wade, right?"

Pastors: They're Coming After You!

So I'll admit it. I did come up with the title of this article for shock value, but the fact is, you need to be shocked. In other words, the title may be sensational, but it is only sensational because it is true.