Michael Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Questions for Andy Stanley About the Bible

In the midst of a multi-part preaching series, megachurch pastor Andy Stanley said, "So I need you to listen really carefully and the reason is this — perhaps you were taught, as I was taught, 'Jesus love me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.' That is where our trouble began."

Praising Jesus, MMA Fighter Beats Opponent to Bloody Pulp. Wrong?

God alone knows the heart and only He can judge who belongs to Him and who doesn't, but there is something exceedingly strange about a fighter pulverizing his or her opponent, leaving them bloody, dazed, and broken on the floor, while giving honor to Jesus Christ who gave them the victory. How can this be?

Am I Racist for Criticizing Rioters?

I get called all kinds of names on a regular basis — from Hitler to homophobe and from pitiful to pathological — but I don't get called a racist all that much (unless, of course, I'm speaking against radical Islam, which somehow makes me a racist, as if Islam was a race and as if criticizing murderous religionists was unfair).

Islamic Terrorism Is Not a Narrative

In the aftermath of this past weekend's Islamic terrorist attacks, White House press secretary Josh Earnest commented, "We are in a narrative battle. Isil want to project the West as being at war with Islam. It's a mythology. And we're debunking that myth. . . . We can't play into this narrative that somehow the United States is fighting Islam."

What We Can Learn From the Gay Schoolteacher Who Allegedly Abused Boys

It turns out that there was more to the story of a gay schoolteacher and his "husband" who were found dead August 25 as the apparent result of a murder-suicide. According to court documents, the men were under investigation for serially abusing underage boys, and with their deaths, even more boys are coming forward with reports of abuse.

Gay Activists Attack the Messengers, Just Like I Predicted

After a major new report was released a little over one week ago, challenging the standard LGBT talking points, I predicted that rather than interact with the findings of that report (specifically, a 143-page analysis of 200 previous, peer-reviewed studies), most gay activists and their allies would attack the authors of that study.

How #BlackLivesMatter Hurts Black Lives

Did you know that if you support the Black Lives Matter movement — as in the official, BlackLivesMatter.com website — you are not only standing with black Americans but also standing with a radical social agenda including queer and transgender activism along with the disrupting of the nuclear family?