Michael Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Once Again, the UN Raises Its Anti-Semitic Head

It is one thing to bring fair criticisms against Israel. It is another thing to single out Israel for unrelenting, biased, and unfair criticism. And when an individual or organization continually treats Israel unfairly and brings false accusations against the nation, that individual or organization has gone beyond anti-Zionism.

When Parents Push Back Against Transanity

We've been saying for years that there will be a pushback against LGBTQ extremism. And it's not because people are uncaring. Or intolerant. Or bigoted. Or unfair. Instead, the pushback comes as a rational reaction to the rising tide of transanity.

Thoughts on the Trump-Kim Summit

What of the fact that Kim has been a murderous dictator? What of the fact that N. Korea has consistently been ranked the worst persecutor of Christians in the world? All that, to our knowledge, is undeniably true and utterly inexcusable. Could it be though, that Kim is a victim of his own propaganda as much as anyone?

What I Learned at Christ at the Checkpoint

My time at the Christ at the Checkpoint (CATC) conference in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, was both wonderful and terrible, powerful and painful. As I said to the leaders face to face, the people were even warmer than I expected; their positions even worse than I expected.

Detained for Hours by Police as Men Spit on the Name of Jesus. My Day in Jerusalem

As we tried to leave quietly, one agitator started following me and yelling "Missionary!" in the crowded market place. He was then joined by other ultra-Orthodox Jews who started to surround me and challenge me. At that point, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to share my faith boldly and clearly. I told them that, yes, of course, I believe in Yeshua (Jesus), and yes, I'm still a Jew.

An Invitation to God to Invade Our Schools

"Forget about trying to get prayer back in schools. We need to start praying in our schools." I want to encourage committed Christian young people on our campuses throughout America to join together for a few minutes each day for prayer.

Is Biblical Truth No Different Than the Yanny vs. Laurel Debate?

The Yanny vs. Laurel debate has taken the internet by storm. The offshoot of all this is simple (and scary): Two sincere people can hear (or see) two different things at one and the same time, even though they're hearing (or seeing) the very same thing. But that does mean that all truth is up for grabs?

Right on Cue, the World Condemns Israel

Things are falling into place just as scripted by Hamas. The terrorist organization recruits and sends its young men on suicide missions. Israel responds with the expected force. The media reports the events along anti-Israel lines. Then the nations of the world rise up to condemn evil Israel.

For Hamas, More Palestinian Corpses Means More Success

I hate the fact that so many Palestinian protestors have been killed or wounded in recent weeks. And I'm not saying that Israel has done everything right in the conflict. But for Hamas, this is the only way to defeat Israel. The strategy is as cynical as it is simple. Hamas cannot possibly defeat Israel militarily. Hamas can only win the propaganda war, the war of public opinion.

Jerusalem the Beautiful, Jerusalem the Ugly

I am absolutely thrilled that we have moved our embassy to Jerusalem. As I previously expressed, it is both the right and righteous thing to do, and President Trump deserves massive appreciation for his courageous act.

An Appeal to Holly Pivec and Prof. Doug Geivett to Separate Yourselves From the Hyper-Critics

In a response to my recent article "Dispelling the Myths About NAR (the New Apostolic Reformation)," Holly Pivec states that they, like me "want to see 'constructive, fruitful interaction'" concerning NAR. She expresses concern that I have grouped them together with the hyper-critics (my term, not hers), and she believes my article was careless and inaccurate. Some of her concerns were flawed.

It's Time to Give President Trump His Due

To all the Never Trumpers and Trump-haters, it's time to give the man his due. Not only did he do the right thing in backing out of our deal with Iran but he stood in full presidential stature in denouncing this terrorist-funding regime and sending a message of hope and liberation to the people of Iran.