Michael Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Congress Could Be Forced to Clean Up Its Own Act

Last week, I asked my Twitter followers, "Do you believe that Congress will clean up its own act when it comes to dealing with members guilty of sexual harassment?" A staggering 91 percent responded with "No way!" while only one percent voted for "Absolutely!" (The other 8 percent chose "I think so.")

President Trump: About Those Al Franken Tweets

Certainly, Franken's actions are inexcusable, and he will face the heat for those actions in the Senate and beyond. But this happened more than 10 years ago, similar to your infamous conversation with Billy Bush about what you, as a star, could do to women.

Why So Much Hatred Toward Christians?

On Sunday, the day of the church massacre, cultural commentator David French tweeted, "The amount of anti-Christian hate on Twitter the same day Christians were massacred is stunning and chilling."

Gen. John Kelly Is Racist? Seriously?

Yes, as bizarre as it seems, Gen. Kelly was accused of making a racist comment when he referred to Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson as an "empty barrel" for her attack on President Trump's call to a Gold Star widow.