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Video With Complete Lyrics for 'Ill Mind of Hopsin 7'

Rapper Marcus Jamal Hopsin, popularly known as Hopsin, told the world he found God in 2012 and was ready to walk the path of righteousness. On Friday, July 18, the day he turned 28, Hopsin released an irreverently delivered new song called "Ill Mind of Hopsin 7" in which he confessed he had lost his faith and screamed at God to do something to help.

Simon Cowell Was So Impressed by This Performance by Bars & Melody on Britain's Got Talent He Gave Them His Golden Buzzer

In a recent audition for 'Britain's Got Talent', the musical duo Charlie Lenehan, 15, and Leondre Devries, 13, who call themselves Bars & Melody delivered a performance so moving it forced the notoriously tough show judge Simon Cowell to give them his Golden Buzzer – a decision that sent them straight to the semi-finals regardless of what the other judges think.

Five Dance Videos That Might Give You a Happy Feeling

People are known to express their happiness in a variety of ways. We hear terms like, 'I'm so happy I could kiss you' and some people even complete the kiss. Dancing however is perhaps one of the most popular expressions of elation over a job well done or a well-deserved achievement. It is so popular there is a slang for the expression - the 'happy dance'.

10 Popular Types of Black Preachers You'll Meet on Sunday

Black preachers are known for their passionate delivery of the scripture from the pulpit on Sunday mornings and over time, many have developed identifiable preaching styles that congregants find entertaining, engaging or distracting. Listed below is a viral parody of 10 popular preaching styles of black pastors along with some closely matched examples of popular preachers from American pulpits.

You Support Gay Marriage When You Eat These 10 Popular Brands

Most conservative Christians adamantly stick by their Christian values that same-sex marriage is unacceptable and refuse to support it on religious grounds. But what if you found out that your favorite brand of cereal was made by a company that supports gay marriage? Would you still buy it?