Michael Pickert

CP Guest Contributor

Now Fat is GOOD! … Right?

Last Wednesday, millions of us woke up for Day Two of that great American tradition: the annual New Year's resolution to lose weight. As we poured our fat-free milk into some bland, sugarless cereal we were greeted by a headline that blared an amazing discovery: Fat is GOOD. It didn't actually say that, but the New York Times article was typical: "Study Suggests Lower Mortality Risk for People Deemed to Be Overweight." Others read: "Study: A Few Extra Pounds May Cut Risk of Early Death," and "New Year's resolution to lose weight? Not so fast!" Not since Gordon Gekko glamorized greed in the Movie "Wall Street" has one of the Seven Deadly Sins been given such good press. But now it seems that gluttony is "in." Or is it?