Michelle A. Vu

Christian Post Reporter

Jesus Is Enemy of Phony Religion, Says Eric Metaxas

New York Times bestselling author and humor writer Eric Metaxas may fool you at first with his non-stop wisecracks (including how he wished the head table at the National Prayer Breakfast was filled with celebrities rather than politicians), but once he gets talking about his Christian faith, he gets pretty serious, pretty fast.

John Stott's Daily Prayer

The U.S. memorial service of John Stott, one of the key Christian leaders who shaped evangelicalism in the 20th century, took place at College Church in Wheaton, Ill., on Friday. The following is John Stott’s daily prayer, as found on the memorial service program.

Tim Keller: John Stott First to Speak God's Word to Me

Under the slated skylight and within the clean, airy white-walled College Church on the Wheaton College campus, more than 600 people gathered Friday to remember and be inspired by the life of John Stott – the English Anglican clergyman who helped define and drive the global evangelical movement in the 20th century.

John Stott Memorial: Remembering the Humble Giant in Faith

Hundreds of Christians inspired and impacted by the life of English Evangelical theologian, preacher, and global thinker John Stott gathered at Wheaton College on Friday for his U.S. memorial service. The following is the biography titled “Remembering John Stott” found in the memorial service program pamphlet.

Interview: Max Lucado on Storytelling, the Church, and Politics

Max Lucado is a New York Times bestselling author, a megachurch pastor, and has sold more than 100 million products, including 80 million books. But you wouldn’t know that talking to him. Lucado seemed humble, thoughtful, at peace with himself, yet passionate about his ministry during a recent chat with The Christian Post.

Machine Gun Preacher: Real Life Sam Childers More Unbelievable

Moviegoers who see the new Gerard Butler headlining film “Machine Gun Preacher,” based on the life of heroin-addict-turned-Christian-child-crusader Sam Childers, would understandably believe Hollywood exaggerated the story for entertainment purposes. But they’ll be surprised to know that the real life of Childers was too much for even Hollywood.