Miles McPherson

CP Exclusive

Enough Talking. It's Time to Stop and Pray.

That week represented one of the darkest series of events I remember in my lifetime. First on Tuesday, police in Baton Rouge, LA, shot Alton Sterling to death. Two days later, Philando Castile was shot by a police officer after being pulled over for a busted headlight in Minnesota.

Famous Athletes Are Leaders in Our Culture

There's something very real about sports. Though most athletic achievements can be attributed to hard work, discipline, and preparation, some things still happen by accident. Huge underdogs can win it all, and even the most dependable star can have a bad day.

God's Plan Is…YOU

Years ago, when I was a youth pastor in San Diego, my wife and I visited the juvenile detention center weekly. One day I got a call about a young man who needed someone to talk to. The teenager had a history of abuse by his dad, and the social worker asked if I would come and encourage him.

Church Is Not a Show; Finding the True Purpose of Sunday Service

Some people approach church in the same way they seek out new mobile phone carrier or cable provider. "Well, I'm just not getting what I need anymore. I think it's time to move on." If you approach church with a consumer mentality, you are selling yourself short. When the knowledge you hear in church remains between your ears and the worship becomes little more than a spectator sport, you are missing the point.

Jesus Is the Way, Even in Rush-Hour Traffic

Maybe you've experienced road rage where you live. Here in Southern California, nearly everyone has encountered something like it. What do you do when a complete stranger "flips out" on you? Do you meet them at their level? What does it take for you to lose your cool?

Looking Into the Moral Mirror

Has anyone ever questioned your integrity? Integrity means being the same on the inside as on the outside. Our daily life – our attitude, behavior and thoughts – should match our prayer life. Next time you pray, listen to yourself and compare it to your conversations with others or to the self-talk in your head.

Never Knew a Father's Love

Soon it will be the third Sunday in June. In the narrative of your life, is Father's Day something you celebrate…or is it more like, "Happy I Survived My Father Day," or maybe the day you sit and wonder, "Where in the world is my Father Today?"

When Prayer Seems Like Not Enough

David has been using since he was eleven. Different substances, same result. Now forty years old, he's still battling unseen demons, replaying the brutality of his lost childhood, waiting for a day when the pain will stop.

Be Prepared to Help an 'Officer Down'

Yes, it's an occupational hazard – an accepted risk – that officers must tolerate as part of their work. But just think about the level of faith that's required to step out of your house every day and face the possibility of death at the hands of a stranger. The ability to cope and even thrive in a world of complete uncertainty is a gift and a calling.

On a Count of Three, Let Go!

You don't have your own parachute to get you through life. Jesus is your parachute. Not only that. He's the pilot and the plane and the wind under the plane and the Creator of the sky and the earth and everything in between.

Born to Love: Trumping Tolerance

Don't think, though, that Lady Gaga, one of the best-selling music artists of all time, was singing from a biblical worldview. "Born This Way" is an anthem for the philosophy that dominates today's culture: Tolerance. There is no right or wrong. Anything goes — so go with it.

Politically Incorrect: A Badge of Honor

It's that season. Super Political Action Committees are funneling lottery-sized sums of cash into political ads. Pundits on television are popping veins in heated "discussions" that wind up right back where they started. All joking aside, I can't deny how critical it has become in this day and age to be politically aware. Let me be clear, I didn't say politically correct.

God's Caller ID

These days almost every phone has Caller ID on it. You also might identify your caller with a ringtone or a tune or a photo. Whatever the cool feature you use, Caller ID helps you decide whether or not to answer the call.