Morgan Lee

Christian Post Reporter

Pastor Creates 'Sundays Are the Worst' Online Forum for Waiters to Vent About Stingy, Disrespectful Christian Patrons

For years pastors have asked their congregants to make sure their faith is being lived out every day of the week, not just on Sundays. But one pastor is concerned that Christians might be ditching their beliefs as soon as they exit the sanctuary. In particular, he's learned that some Christians are taking their impatience, anger and unholy behavior out on the waiters and waitresses whose restaurants they patronize following Sunday services.

WEA Head Announces He Will Step Down at End of 2014

The World Evangelical Alliance announced on Friday that Secretary General and CEO Rev. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe would not be seeking a third term, and that he would step down from his position when his current term concludes in December 2014.

Should Christians Marry or Stay Single?

Speaking at S1NGLE, a conference organized by Redeemer Presbyterian Church's Family Ministries on Saturday, Tim Keller sought to clarify Paul's "enigmatic" instructions about whether believers ought to marry or not.