Morgan Lee

Christian Post Reporter

Reacting to Gay Kiss During NFL Draft Should Not Get You Fined and Suspended, Says ESPN's Stephen A. Smith (VIDEO)

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith blasted the Miami Dolphins' decision to suspend safety Don Jones after he tweeted "omg" and "horrible" after watching footage of Michael Sam celebrate becoming the first openly gay NFL player by kissing his boyfriend live on TV. Smith has said people should not be punished just for reacting negatively to a homosexual couple kissing, and insisted that those with views that do not condone homosexual behavior should also be respected.

Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?

Though a majority of Americans finding capital punishment acceptable, Evangelicals and conservative Christians share little consensus on the issue and even some of its defenders are willing to acknowledge that the process may be less than ideal.

Texas Ministry Leader Found Murdered in His Garage

A Texas pastor was found dead from a gunshot wound in his garage on Saturday morning in Harris County. The body of Magnus "Mike" Scott Hjalmarson, 53, was found by a neighbor walking his dog and declared dead at the scene by Emergency Medical Services. The victim was believed to have been setting up for a community garage sale at his apartment complex.