Myles Collier

Christian Post Contributor

UK Churches Fear Being 'Forced' to Perform Same-Sex Ceremonies

As the debate over same-sex marriage continues in the U.K., leading conservative policy makers are once again highlighting the need for some protections for churches. There are concerns that churches may be punished for not consenting to gay marriage ceremonies in their churches should a law be passed redefining marriage.

Religious Leaders in Egypt Foster Christian-Muslim Relationships

Since the Arab spring swept through the Middle Eastern region, Christian minorities have been worried over persecution and marginalization within the Muslim-dominated countries and governments. Now, a recent initiative is aiming to draw both Christians and Muslims together in order to build lasting relationships based on mutual understanding.

Bishops in Mexico Demand Education Reform

There is a brewing battle between religious leaders and education officials in Mexico over the role of the teachers union and their alleged conduct over putting the union's interest over the interests of the children they are trusted to educate.