Myles Collier

Christian Post Contributor

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Photos Hacked

A series of private pictures of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg were posted online after they were hacked in an apparent effort to showcase the world’s largest social networks’ security gaps.

Christian Genocide Warning Issued for Middle East

Christian Solidarity International has issued a genocide warning for religious minorities in the Islamic Middle East. They also called on President Obama to make their safety a top priority as the United States continues to respond to the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

T.I. Calls Gay Activists 'Not American'

In an interview that will be published in Vibe magazine’s December issue, rapper T.I. has come under recent scrutiny after his insensitive comments about the Americanness of those in the gay community.

Gingrich Stands Out on Immigration at GOP Debate

During the presidential debate on Tuesday night, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich stepped out on a limb and called for a more lenient stance towards immigration, especially if the family has been established and is an upstanding individual.

Yemen's Saleh Accepts Deal to Step Down

The leader of Yemen, one of the Arab Spring countries, has apparently listened to reason and his own people and agreed to transfer power to his vice president in return for immunity from prosecution, according to Yemeni state television.

Kansas Prosecution of Planned Parenthood Hindered, but not Abandoned

Nearly eight years after the attorney general of Kansas, Phill Kline, started his investigation of Planned Parenthood along with their affiliates, a judge has ordered nearly half of the original charges to be dropped-including all the felonies due to faulty record keeping on the part of the county’s district attorney’s office.