Nate Kellum

CP Op-Ed Contributor

AFA Labeled a 'Domestic Hate Group' by Military Officers; Seriously?

Two weeks ago, at Camp Shelby in Mississippi, counter-intelligence officers presented a briefing that identified the American Family Association – a non-profit Christian organization – as a "domestic hate group." This was not the first time something bizarre like this had happened. On another army base, evangelical Christians and Catholics were listed as prime examples of religious extremism. On yet another, the Founding Fathers were portrayed as extreme

Military Chaplains 'Shutdown' During Government Shutdown

As Americans start to feel the effects of the on-going stalemate in Washington, many have wondered about the decisions directing which aspects of the government are shut down during a "government shutdown." Who decides and on what basis the approximate 17 percent of the government that is put on hold? One would presume the importance of the service and the necessity of funding would guide the process. But a press release from John Schlageter, General Counsel for Archdiocese for the U.S. Military, indicates other motivations are at work.

Bibles Once Again Allowed at Gay Pride Fest

For more than a decade, Brian Johnson had a booth at the annual Twin Cities Pride Fest, a homosexual-themed gathering held in Loring Park in Minneapolis each June. He stayed in his assigned area and greeted attendees with a smile, offering them free Bibles as way of sharing his Christian faith.

City of Raleigh Considers Law Banning Christians From Feeding the Hungry

This past Saturday, a group of volunteers from Love Wins Ministries – a Christian ministry dedicated to helping the homeless in Raleigh, North Carolina – gathered at Moore Square, a downtown park, to hand out free biscuits and coffee. They were grateful for the opportunity to share the love of Christ. They were also grateful they didn't get arrested for it.