Nicola Menzie

Christian Post Reporter

Dr. Henry Cloud on Why You Need to Wake Up and 'Repent' of These 10 Patterns Causing You Pain and Holding You Back

"Insanity" is popularly defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yet, people have a tendency to do just that, whether it is with relationships, jobs, or destructive behavior. "Sanity" does not come, however, by simply dropping bad habits and relationships, or swearing off certain behaviors. As Dr. Henry Cloud puts it, one has to take off the old and put on the new.

Victoria Osteen Takes Selfies, Hands Out Hugs, and Talks God's Heart for Children in Meeting With Students at NYC's Bronx Zoo

Victoria Osteen, one-half of the dynamic duo in charge of America's fastest growing megachurch, was far from her Houston, Texas, base on Thursday when she, along with volunteers from Lakewood Church and its service-oriented Generation Hope Project, made an appearance at the Bronx Zoo. She was there, amid a brief period of rain, to visit with about 250 local school children, some of whom were in hysterics when they spotted the petite blond otherwise known as Mrs. Joel Osteen.