Nicola Menzie

Christian Post Reporter

Chris Matthews Accuses Obama Opponents of 'Scorched Earth' Tactic; Predicts Clinton, Rand Paul Will Face Off in 2016

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews claimed Wednesday while sitting on a politics panel at a heavily-attended event in New York City that President Barack Obama's opponents were hell-bent on hindering his progress before he even took the oath of office. The "Hardball" anchor also called the 2016 presidential party tickets for Democrat Hillary Clinton and GOP Senator Rand Paul.

Sarah Jakes, 25, Using Past Missteps to Minister to Millennials, Says They Want 'Real and Authentic,' Not Perfection (Video)

Sarah Jakes, daughter of The Potter's House pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, hit a chord with many when she shared in a series of blog posts about the turmoil she endured as a teen mom and years later over a broken marriage. In her new memoir, "Lost and Found," Jakes goes even deeper into the struggles that she feels ultimately led her back to God and gave her a platform to speak to a generation struggling with faith, the church and their own detours in life.

Author Talks 'Unheralded Heroines' of US Christianity, 'Conservative Pushback' Against Women in Leadership

Building the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era takes an in-depth look at the lasting impact that the ministry and achievements of 24 women have made on U.S. Christianity. These women founded educational institutions, organizations and denominations during the Progressive Era and many of their contributions remain pivotal to American society today.

Mental Health Expert: Christians Should Not Be Surprised That There's Something Wrong With All of Us

Central to a Christian worldview is the belief that humanity exists in a fallen world and that, as a result, everyone is born in sin and susceptible to conditions that affect them physically, mentally, emotionally and in other ways. Yet, Christians are at odds when it comes to mental illness, with some suggesting that such maladies are simply the result of personal sin, lack of faith or spiritual attacks.