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'Pulling Back the Shades' Authors Claim 'Fifty Shades' Series Has 'Satanic Agenda' (Part 1)

The popularity of the Fifty Shades series among Christian women has prompted Dannah Gresh, best-selling author and co-founder of Pure Freedom, and Dr. Juli Slattery, a clinical psychologist who leads Authentic Intimacy, to expose what they believe are the dangers of consuming such pornographic material. In an interview with CP about their new book, Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman's Heart, Gresh and Slattery also highlight what they believe are "satanic" aspects of E.L. James' erotica series.

Pitting Social Justice Against Culture War Issues Misses the Point, Says 'Passion' and 'End It' Founder Louie Giglio

A recent BuzzFeed article questioning whether fighting human trafficking was "a new mission for the religious right," suggests that young evangelical Christians were more inclined to put their efforts into the war on modern-day slavery than enter the marriage and abortion fray. But "Passion" founder Louie Giglio, says it is pointless to pit social justice against the culture war when young people are simply concerned about using their lives to elevate the lives of others.

Louie Giglio Defines True Leadership, Addresses Dropping Obama Inauguration and Shares Excitement for First-Ever Passion Visit to an Arab Country (Part 2)

Louie Giglio, who has ministered to over a million U.S. college students at his annual Passion Conference in the past 17 years, recently shared with The Christian Post his definition of leadership, saying that he believes the best "leaders are followers." The Atlanta, Ga., pastor also commented on the 2013 Obama inauguration controversy and taking the global Passion tour to the Middle East for the very first time.

Alarming Spate of Suicides, Mysterious Deaths Among Bankers Prompt Speculation

There have been several prominent news reports on the sudden and mysterious deaths of several bankers and businessmen from around the world since January, leading some to speculate that the deaths point to economic trouble on the horizon and others to suggest that work-related pressures likely played a part, as suicide has been a factor in many of these cases.

'Blood Moon' Books Vie to Explain 'Prophetic Celestial Signs' Said to Have Ties to Israel

"I'm going to walk you through 500 years and show you how God is literally screaming at the world, 'I'm coming soon,'" says Pastor John Hagee in a video promoting his New York Times bestselling nonfiction book, Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change. Hagee's book, a top "prophecy" and "theology" seller online, appears to be leading the pack of several other books with similar titles also tying a series of upcoming eclipses to the end times.

John Brown, US Slavery and Segregated Churches: A Christian Historian Offers Perspective

Martin Luther King Jr. has often been quoted as saying that he found it "shameful" and "appalling" that 11 o'clock on Sunday was the most-segregated hour of Christian America. Yet, 40 years later, many U.S. churches are still struggling to realize the dream of racial diversity in their congregations. How did the institution of slavery in America affect this trend, and what role did Christians play in U.S. slavery?

Grace Church in Indiana in Spotlight for Reversal on Women Leaders; Theologian Lauds Shift on 'Massive Misreading' of Scripture

Grace Church, an 8,000-10,000-member congregation in Noblesville, Ind., has been fielding requests from the media about its recent reversal on the issue of women in leadership. But as a representative for the megachurch told The Christian Post this week, it could be a while before it issues any official statement on why administrators now believe God calls both men and women to lead His Church.

Pastor Ron Carpenter's Wife, Hope, Returns to SC Megachurch as He Rebukes Christian Leaders Who Supported His Desire for Divorce

Hope Carpenter, co-founder of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, S.C., was enthusiastically welcomed back by congregants on Sunday months after her marital infidelities were exposed at the pulpit by her husband, Pastor Ron Carpenter. Carpenter, this time around, took other Christian leaders to task for supporting him when he declared he would be seeking a divorce.

Angie Smith Talks Submitting to Her Husband, Women in Leadership and Christians Engaging 'Hard Topics'

Bestselling author and popular speaker Angie Smith is grateful that Christians are finally doing "what the Lord has called us to" — engaging in genuine dialogue about "hard subjects" otherwise considered taboo in some circles, such as same-sex marriage and a woman's role in the Church. Smith recently spoke with CP about her stance on some of these issues, including wives submitting to their husbands.

Stop Chasing God and Filling Gaps in Your Faith With Religion, Says Bestselling Author Angie Smith

Angie Smith, bestselling author and popular speaker, confesses in her new book, "Chasing God," that she had been a Christian for more than 10 years when she experienced what she calls a "crisis of faith" — coming to the end of her own exhaustive efforts to understand God. Instead of getting to know Him for herself, Smith had been spending those years trying to figure God out, and using what others had to say about Him as her guidepost.