Nicola Menzie

Christian Post Reporter

Joel Osteen Returning to NYC's Yankee Stadium for 'America's Night of Hope' — What Should You Expect?

Megachurch pastor and bestselling author Joel Osteen is making a second trip to New York City's Yankee Stadium this summer for his annual "America's Night of Hope" tour. The last time the Texas preacher and his family visited the baseball stadium in 2009, they brought a near-capacity crowd with them. But what happened during Osteen's visit to Yankee Stadium, and what can the estimated 55,000 worshippers who will likely join him in June expect this time around?

Can Another 'Gay-Friendly' Faith Group Help Steer the Conversation for Christians on Homosexuality?

The Imago Dei campaign is the latest among a handful of emerging faith-friendly initiatives attempting to defuse heated conversations among Christians on certain polarizing issues, specifically homosexuality. While one called it another "right wing evangelical Christian" movement, others welcomed it, especially at a time when evangelicals have largely become known for what they oppose.

Battle of Beliefs: Baptist Evangelist, Nation of Islam Muslim, and Jehovah Witnesses Vie for Souls at New York's Subway Stations

A Baptist evangelist and a member of the Louis Farrakhan-led Nation of Islam yelled their respective versions of "the truth" over the din of screeching trains for the attention of weary commuters streaming through one of New York City's busiest subway stations one recent evening, all while a nearby and noticeably less rowdy group of Jehovah's Witnesses quietly replenished their table with more printed copies of their sect's beliefs.