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NYC Pastor Who Prayed With Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan Credits Those Who Cried 'Let Meriam Go!' for Defiant Christian Woman's Release (Video)

The U.S. pastor who took it upon himself to fly to Sudan to meet with and pray for imprisoned persecuted Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim was among those celebrating her freedom Thursday. He credited the 27-year-old married mother's release to the outcry of people from around the world who were captivated by her steadfast Christian witness in the face of impending death.

Aaron McGruder's 'Black Jesus' Blasted as 'Utter Foolishness;' One Million Moms, Christians Demand 'Blasphemous' Show Be Cancelled Before It Even Airs

The trailer for Aaron McGruder's upcoming live-action comedy series "Black Jesus" has been making the rounds on the Internet since last Friday, and some Christians are anything but amused by what the Adult Swim network was teasing as "the most anticipated comeback in history." At least one "violently offended" Illinois pastor, in addition to the activist network One Million Moms, has issued a clarion call for Christians to pressure the network to drop "The Boondocks" creator's new program before it even airs next month.

Pastor Paula White Claims July Is 'Prophetically Designated for Victory Over Enemies;' Suggests $229 'Breakthrough Seed' Donation

In a newsletter emailed to supporters this week, Florida pastor Paula White claims that God has shown her that "this is a season of victory for His people." The Christian minister also reveals a strong feeling "that a seed of $229 in accordance with 1 Chronicles 22:9 is a breakthrough seed for the month of July," and declares to recipients of her newsletter, "Do not hesitate to follow a prophetic instruction!"

Has Christian Hip-Hop Finally Arrived?

Christian hip-hop has made some notable inroads in the last few years, especially in the mainstream market. Popular rapper Lecrae has won Grammy, Stellar, and Dove awards, and he, along with other Christian artists, appear regularly on networks like BET and MTV. Does this mean the movement that emerged in the early '80s as Gospel rap has finally arrived?

'BBoy for Life' Filmmaker Talks Living Out 1 Peter 4:10 and Using Art to Fight Evil

Guatemala, home to about 14.6 million people, has been plagued for decades by gang violence, some of it mindless, according to the confessions of gangsters featured in the powerful and gritty Nadus Films documentary, "BBoy for Life." Coury Deeb, who co-produced and directed the film, captured the stories of everyday Guatemalans who have found an alternative to the pervasive gang life by breakdancing, a defiant act that could still cost them their lives.

Can Church Planting Revive Christianity's Waning Influence?

A 2013 Gallup poll found that most Americans think religion is losing its influence in the United States, while a religious landscape survey from the Pew Forum found that "the United States is on the verge of becoming a minority Protestant country." Could church planting be the key to turning these trends around?

History Magazine, VOM Highlight Persecution of Modern Believers, Cite Claim That Christians Partly to Blame for 70 Million Martyred Since Jesus' Time

Christian History magazine, in partnership with Voice of the Martyrs-USA members, focuses on the "Modern Age of Persecution" in its newest issue. The publication cites findings by church statisticians that an estimated 70 million Christians have been killed due to their faith since the time of Jesus and that other believers were partly to blame.

Pastor Tony Evans on 5 Things Christians Can Do Now to Keep Their Faith From Dying

Research has shown over the last few years an increase in the number of atheists as well as an increase in the number of religiously-unaffiliated Americans, a sign to some that Christianity is on the decline. However, others argue that the number of convictional Christians, compared to the number of cultural Christians, remains stable. But how long will that stability last? And how can Christians remain relevant and authentic witnesses in an ever-increasing post-Christian America?