Paul R. Stanley

CP Political Opinion Editor

Thad Cochran Gets a Taste of Unsweet Tea

Anyone who has spent time south of the Mason Dixon line, especially in the Deep South, knows that an order of iced tea at Three Sisters in Jackson, Mississippi means one laced with a heavy dose of sugar. However, Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Mississippi, is most likely going to get a gallon of tart, unsweet tea poured on him if Tea Party favorite and State Senator Chris McDaniel defeats him on Tuesday, as most pundits predict.

Replacing Jesus with Trayvon Martin In Nativity Scene Will Not Reduce Gun Violence or Win Lost Souls

In an effort to draw attention to gun violence, a United Methodist Church in Claremont, California replaced Jesus in their nativity scene with a bloodied creation of Trayvon Martin, complete with hoodie and all. But despite the tragic accident that ended a young teenagers life, Martin's depiction won't end gun violence or remind us of the gift Jesus gave to us through his birth and ultimate death for our sins.

Are There Still Enough Value Voters to Turn American Red?

The Family Research Council kicked off their annual Values Voter Summit in the nations capitol on Friday with an all-star line of potential GOP presidential candidates and rising political stars attempting to motivate the social base of the conservative movement. But are there enough "values voters" who will vote to make a difference in the 2014 and 2016 elections?

Gay Rights Advocates Aren't Finished With The Boy Scouts

As news of last Thursday's announcement that the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow homosexual scouts into their ranks, some groups were glad for the change in policy – but none more so than "GLAAD," a LGBT advocacy group. Their plan is working and it's just beginning to unfold.