Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Can Obama Maintain the Support of Christian Democrats?

In 2008, then Sen. Barack Obama's platform of "hope and change" brought independent and Democratic Christian voters to the polls in high numbers. Yet keeping this flock intact may be more challenging as a result of some recent positions the White House has taken.

Interview: Edward Klein on 'The Amateur,' Obama's Faith

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who for years was the pastor of Barack and Michelle Obama, told author Edward Klein in a three-hour interview for his book, The Amateur, that the first couple are not "church people." Released last week, the book instantly hit The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists and is drawing both praise and criticism for its portrayal of the president's inexperience prior to and during his first term.

AG Holder Attacks Voter ID Laws in Speech to Black Churches

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation's top law enforcement officer, told a gathering of black church leaders on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., that laws requiring citizens to show a photo I.D. before voting were a threat to voting rights. He said such laws place "an unfair burden on non-white voters."

Obama Honors Musician, Athlete, Socialist With Medal of Freedom Award

President Obama on Tuesday honored 13 Americans with the prestigious Medal of Freedom. The recipients included some of the country's best known political, cultural and sports figures including socialist union leader Dolores Huerta, legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, and retiring University of Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summit.

Will a Romney Presidency Help or Hurt Mormons?

When the Republican Party's nominates Mitt Romney for the presidency in August, it will put the former Mormon Bishop one step closer to the White House. But some Mormons are beginning to wonder if the attention being given to their religion by a Romney presidency will hurt or help their faith.

Romney, McCain Jointly Commemorate Memorial Day

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney shared the stage with his 2008 presidential campaign rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) today at the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in San Diego, where they observed Memorial Day and Romney spoke about the need for a strong U.S. military.

'Obama Pride' Group Organized by Campaign to Attract LGBT Vote

Obama for America, the campaign organization of President Barack Obama, announced on Wednesday the formation of "Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama," designed to attract and engage those who support the homosexual agenda in hopes that they will give the president a second term in November.

Romney, GOP Starting to Challenge Obama, Dems for Campaign Cash

Recent fundraising totals for both major political parties and their presumed candidates show the money race is closer than most expected. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, in combination with the Republican National Committee, raked in a total of $40.1 million in April. The Democratic National Committee and President Obama pulled in a slightly larger amount of $43.6 million.

'MY Jesus' Shirts Catch the Ire of NFL, Tim Tebow

The manufacturer of a new T-shirt design using the phrase "MY Jesus" is now under fire from the NFL for using a design similar to the New York Jets football team. The shirts were designed to highlight the fact that team's newest addition, quarterback Tim Tebow, is a popular Christian athlete.