Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Gay Couple Seeks to Lobby Obama at White House Easter Egg Roll

Jarrod Scarbrough and Les Sewell are traveling from New Mexico with their daughter Allegra to participate in Monday's Easter egg roll on the lawn of the White House. And while they're enjoying the event, they hope to lobby President Obama on the issue of gay rights and what they consider to be discrimination in the workplace.

Obama Donor and 'Bundler' Accused of Fraud

A top donor to President Obama's reelection effort is facing accusations of fraud and impersonating a bank official, creating yet another round of unwanted campaign publicity for the president's reelection efforts.

Jesus Would Not Approve of Abortion, Says Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter told The Christian Post that he believes Jesus would not approve of abortion with the exception of a few cases. He also criticized the Democratic Party for taking such a strong stance on supporting abortion for all women and encouraged them to soften their language in the party's platform.

Andrew Breitbart Book Reveals Details of Breaking Anthony Weiner Story

The late Andrew Breitbart built a reputation as a hard-charging journalist who was willing to break big stories and not fold under intense pressure. A new chapter in Breitbart's upcoming paperback edition of Righteous Indignation tells how he used his skills to uncover and break the story that led to former Congressman Anthony Weiner's downfall.