Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Gay Marriage Becoming More Popular Among California Voters

Much of the controversy surrounding gay marriage has been centered in California with several recent court rulings that will most likely determine if same-sex unions will become permanent in the Golden State. Now a new poll shows that public opinion on the issue is also increasing.

Evangelical Pastor: Gay Marriage Activists Imposing Agenda on Us

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. has quickly become one of the nation's foremost religious leaders, especially when it comes to standing up for traditional marriage and intact families. In light of his position opposing the passage of Maryland's law legalizing gay marriage, Jackson took time to talk with The Christian Post on a range of issues pertaining to faith, Scripture and the criticism he takes for his stances.

Va. Senate Passes 'Conscience Clause' Restricting Gay Adoption

The Virginia State Senate on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill allowing private adoption agencies to consider religious and moral beliefs as a determining factor in placing children with adoptive parents. Gov. Bob McDonnell has indicated he will sign the bill when it reaches his desk.

Is Santorum Falling Into a Theology Trap?

Rick Santorum knows that jobs and the economy are foremost on the minds of voters. Yet with his political stock on the rise, his number one priority may be to not fall for a theology trap being set by his opponents.

Prop 8 Proponents Ask Full Appeals Court to Review Gay Marriage Case

Supporters of California's Proposition 8 that banned same-sex marriage have petitioned the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to review a split decision handed down by three of its judges two weeks ago. The controversial decision upheld a district court's ruling overturning the ban, potentially paving the way for same-sex marriages in the Golden State.

America's Wealthiest Politicos Are Behind Super PAC Contributions

The involvement of the nation's wealthiest citizens in America's political landscape is nothing new. But now that super PACs are front and center in underwriting political messages in the 2012 elections, such little known names as George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess and Harold Simmons are becoming well known in political circles and beyond.

Does Santorum Have Evangelical Women's Vote in the Bag?

Rick Santorum's campaign has taken on a whole new dimension within the last two weeks. His surprise sweep of Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota has placed him front and center in a GOP primary, but he still needs to wrap up a greater percentage of women – specifically, evangelical women.