Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Black GOP Congressman to Replace SC's DeMint in Senate

Media reports early Monday morning suggest South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will appoint Rep. Tim Scott (R) to succeed the retiring Sen. Jim DeMint who is leaving to head up The Heritage Foundation. Scott would be the first black senator to represent the southern state since Reconstruction and only the sixth black Republican to serve in the nation's upper chamber.

Obama on New Pot Laws: 'We Have Bigger Fish to Fry'

When Washington State and Colorado voters approved laws legalizing the personal use of marijuana, governors and legal experts looked to the White House and the Justice Department to see how the federal government would react to the issue. In an interview President Obama granted ABC's Barbara Walters, they might have their answer.

Michigan Declaws Labor Unions as Opponents Call for 'Blood'

If all goes as expected, Michigan is poised to become the 24th state to implement right-to-work laws which would give employees the option of not contributing a portion of their paychecks for unions to negotiate on their behalf. The plan is seen to be a major setback to organized labor and has Democratic legislators making intimidating comments.

Pro-Marriage Leader 'Delighted' Supreme Court Will Hear Gay Marriage Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Friday to hear two different cases involving same-sex marriage has brought mixed reactions, however Brian Brown who heads up the National Organization for Marriage has said he is "delighted" the nation's highest court will hear the case. He has insisted that the decision is a victory for proponents of traditional marriage.

GOP Leaders Walk Away From Tea Party

Political insiders say there could be more to South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint's decision to resign his seat than just a bigger paycheck at a coveted Washington policy organization. Even some legislators on the hill are pointing out that GOP leaders are relegating their tea party types to the backbench and that is making them seek additional outlets to advance their cause.

Rubio on Immigration: Will Be a Challenge for the GOP

Since the Republicans lost both the White House and any chance of gaining control of the U.S. Senate for the foreseeable future, party leaders are licking their wounds and trying to determine how to attract Hispanic voters. Now Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is saying that goal will be a "challenge."

Former GOP Congressmen Leaves Tea Party Group Over 'Ethical, Moral' Issues

Former Rep. Dick Armey, the battle-scarred majority leader who served under Newt Gingrich, has left the chairman's role at FreedomWorks, one of the first tea party type groups to advocate the principles of individual liberty. Armey said he was leaving because of "serious concerns about the ethical and moral behavior of the senior leadership."

Immigration Reform Needed but Starting Point a Challenge

After the GOP's stunning loss in November's presidential election, many in the Republican ranks see immigration reform as the only way to attract an expanding Latino population. Yet the first hurdle to jump is finding the right platform from which to launch the process and therein may be the biggest challenge facing Congress next year.

Latino Evangelical Praises Immigration Bill Proposed by GOP Senators

Leading Hispanic evangelical the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez has offered his support to an immigration bill put forth in Washington on Tuesday. Republican Sens. John Kyl (Ariz.) and Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Texas) have filed legislation to address immigration reform and appeal to an ever-increasing Latino population that has steered clear of GOP candidates in recent elections.