Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Gay Marriage Passing in Three, Possibly Four States

With election results pouring in and President Obama re-elected to a second term, according to network projections, gay marriage activists are celebrating three, and possibly four victories in their efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington State.

'One More Day' Chants Define Final Push for Romney

Mitt Romney began his final day of campaigning by addressing a standing room only crowd in an airport hangar in central Florida Monday morning. Chants of "one more day" reverberated from those who arrived in the early morning hours to help give their candidate one extra push to capture the must-win Sunshine State.

Florida Judge Extends Early Voting After Bomb Scare

A judge in Orange County, Fla., extended early voting by four hours on Sunday after a lawsuit was filed Saturday by the Democratic Party. A suspicious package – which turned out to be a cooler – caused authorities to shut down a polling location Saturday, causing some voters to leave without casting a ballot.

Romney Nabs 28 Newspaper Endorsements From Obama's Side; Does It Matter?

At least 28 newspapers that endorsed then Sen. Barack Obama in 2008 have switched over this year and endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney for president. Yet the two questions people from analyzers to voters are asking is why did those who endorsed Obama four years ago switch to Romney this year, and will they in turn convince voters with their endorsement?

Michele Bachmann Faces Tough Reelection; Evangelical Support Still Strong

Michele Bachmann rose quickly in the GOP presidential primary only to find that her campaign ran out of steam about the same time 2011 was coming to an end. And now she faces a challenge to retain the House seat that bolted her into the national spotlight. She also knows that evangelicals will play a key role if she wins another two-year term.

Missouri GOP Finally Pours Money Into Todd Akin Race

After GOP senate candidate Todd Akin misspoke about abortion and rape days after winning the Missouri primary, the Republican National Committee and other top GOP officials vowed to withhold endorsements and money when he refused to withdraw. Now the dry well is starting to run again as the Missouri Republican Party is paying for an ad campaign in hopes of pushing Akin over the top.

GOP Projected to Hold Majority in House

While even the most seasoned analysts are finding it hard to predict the presidential race, the projection for the Senate is that it will remain in Democratic hands, and that the House will remain Republican-controlled in January 2013.

Obama Strategists: President Has Campaign Wrapped Up

Obama Chief Campaign Strategist David Axelrod and campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters on a Monday conference call that Mitt Romney has no momentum in swing states "from North Carolina to Nevada," and in essence the presidential election is all sewn up.

After Superstorm Sandy Passes, Will Romney Struggle to Re-Engage Voters?

Despite early voting already in process in several states and Election Day just a short eight days away, both presidential candidates briefly suspended campaign activities as Hurricane Sandy came crashing into the Northeast coast on Monday. But now in the wake of Sandy, will Romney find it an uphill battle to re-engage voters and make his case on why he should be in the White House?

Should Pastors, Religious Leaders Endorse Political Candidates and Is It Legal?

One of the more common strategies any candidate or campaign seeks to employ is to use the endorsement of high profile individuals who are willing to lend their name and personal support to a candidate with the intention of influencing others to do the same. But the issue gets a bit sticky when those endorsing are connected to a church or a major religious organization.

Why a Romney White House May Not Be Unfriendly to Gays

Earlier this week the Log Cabins Republicans formally endorsed Gov. Mitt Romney's candidacy for president, becoming the second conservative group advocating for gay rights to offer a formal blessing. However, the endorsement may have come with a price according to some insiders who say an agreement was discussed for a gender discrimination bill.

Colin Powell Sticks With Obama, Takes Hit From McCain

Former Secretary of State in the Bush administration Colin Powell announced Thursday that he is supporting President Obama for a second term and for a second time. A Republican, Powell endorsed Obama against Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the 2008 presidential election.

What Is 'Sequestration' and Whose Idea Was It?

In Monday night's third and final presidential debate on foreign policy, President Obama said the deep cuts to the military budgets that are scheduled to take effect on Jan. 2 were not his idea and will not happen. The comment has brought the spotlight back to last year's budget battle and now they are set to take place.

Young, White Women Voters: Will They Decide Who the Next US President Is?

Pundits and journalists have written for months on which swing state or key voter demographic will decide the fate of President Obama in November. But a few million young, white, female voters who may pass by a church they rarely attend on their way to their secretarial or waitressing jobs may be the ones who carry the most weight this year.

From 'Battleships to Bayonets,' Obama Scolds Romney Despite Even Poll Numbers

From battleships to bayonets, President Obama tried to give Mitt Romney a lesson in foreign policy in Monday night's final presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. However, just hours before the debate began, the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll found Obama's national security lead over Romney had dwindled to a dead heat at 47-46 percent.