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Less Religious Are Less Likely to Vote, Finds New Poll

A new poll released on Monday from Public Religion Research Institute finds that Americans who are unaffiliated in their religious views or who are less religious are less likely to head to the polls this election season. If the findings from this survey hold true, it could spell troubling news for the Obama campaign since voters who are less religious are more likely to support the president.

Is the Defense of Marriage Act Doomed?

For the second time a federal appeals court has ruled the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, ruling it violated the Equal Protection Clause by barring same-sex couples from legally marrying. While legal scholars, along with pro-gay activists, are celebrating their success, they are also concerned that the ruling may be too favorable and not be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ann Romney Tells 'The View' She Is Pro-Life

If Mitt Romney wins the presidency he would be the first Mormon president in America and Ann Romney would be the first pro-life First Lady in three decades. Ann Romney discussed abortion and other issues with celebrity hosts on one of the nation's most popular female talk shows while also defending her husband's lack of military service.

Obama Steps Up Abortion, Contraception Rhetoric to Win Back Women Voters

The Obama campaign team has made it clear they are going to focus on recapturing some of the women's vote that has drifted to Mitt Romney since the first debate. An ad that is now running in a key swing state says that Romney would overturn Roe v. Wade and that is just one example of what voters will probably see more of in the next 18 days.

Gallup Poll: Only 3.4 Percent of US Adults Identify as LGBT

A comprehensive poll released on Thursday by Gallup based on more than 120,000 interviews, shows that only 3.4 percent of Americans say they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. These numbers fall far short of the numbers routinely tossed around by pro-homosexual groups who claim that approximately 10 percent or more of the population have homosexual tendencies.

Romney's Poll Numbers, 'Favorability' Among Likely Voters Continue to Rise

After the GOP and Democratic conventions had adjourned by early September, the Romney campaign was growing increasingly concerned about the polling differences that separated them and President Obama. Now after two presidential debates and with Americans starting to pay serious attention to which candidate they're actually going to vote for, Romney's chances are looking better by the day.

Why Is Hillary Clinton Taking the Blame on Libya?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that she, not President Obama, is responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks in Benghazi that killed a U.S. diplomat and three other Americans. The question is, why did she take the fall for the administration and why did she do it the day prior to the second presidential debate?

Winner of Second Presidential Debate Is a Matter of Debate

President Barack Obama clearly showed up for Tuesday night's second presidential debate and Mitt Romney stood toe to toe with the president in such critical issues as the violence in the Middle East and energy policy. But determining the winner has sparked new debate among supporters of each candidate.

Mayor Bloomberg Gives Funds to Md. Gay Marriage Advocates

Billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is putting his pocketbook where his support for gay marriage is by giving $250,000 to the group pushing the issue in Maryland while advocates in Maine, Minnesota and Washington State are also working to win the debate to redefine marriage.

What Obama and Romney Need to Do to Win Debate Number Two

After the first presidential debate there was little disagreement among Democrats or Republicans that Mitt Romney scored a decisive win, as President Obama looked distracted and unwilling to engage his opponent. Now supporters and pundits on both sides of the aisle are weighing in on what each candidate must do to perform well in Tuesday night's second debate at New York's Hofstra University.

Romney Campaign Gains Momentum Going Into First Debate

Some analysts and political pundits argue that Mitt Romney had a rough September and was never able to overcome President Obama's perceived "bump" in the polls following the Democratic National Convention. Now some of these same pundits are concluding that Romney is gaining more momentum going into the home stretch.

Is Early Voting All It's Cracked Up to Be?

Even before Mitt Romney and President Obama square off in their first television debate, some voters in Iowa have already casted their ballot through early voting. But the issue many voters and political analysts have asked for several years is who exactly benefits from early voting?

Cuomo Offers Support to State Sen. Defeated Over Same-Sex Marriage Vote

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has offered his support to State Senator Roy McDonald after he was defeated on Sept. 12 in the GOP primary as a result of his support of the state's law legalizing same-sex marriage. However, Cuomo's support won't be needed because McDonald decided late Thursday to drop plans for a third-party run.