Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Akin Focuses on Fundraising With Santorum, DeMint Endorsements

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin is definitely in the race to stay as Tuesday's withdrawal deadline passed without any action on his part. He also received the endorsement of former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, both Tea Party favorites who will be looking to rally support and fundraise for the embattled candidate.

Romney at Clinton Global Initiative: 'I Will Never Apologize'

Republican Mitt Romney addressed a crowd of business leaders and global policy experts Tuesday at former President Bill Clinton's Global Initiative in New York. His message to those gathered and the world was simple: Americans must "never apologize" for America's role as a world leader.

Small Donations From Christians Key to Akin Comeback in Missouri

Political analysts are watching carefully the amount of small donor support that GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin can attract starting this week as an indication of whether Missouri will still be in play for the Republican effort to take control of the Senate. What is of particular interest are how Christians are responding to Akin's request for cash.

Romney Team in Need of Serious 'Shakeup,' Say Pundits

Most political pundits on both sides of the aisle agree that Mitt Romney has had a challenging week. Some of these same analysts, including conservative journalists, are calling for a major shakeup in team Romney as the campaign closes in on the 40-day mark.

Blacks Claim Obama Ignores Poverty

In 2009, the number of people living below the poverty level and on food stamps was around 32 million. Today, that number is closer to 47 million. Now a handful of black leaders are saying that President Obama has failed to address the issue, especially as it relates to the increasing number of African Americans who are still trapped in poverty.

Is the Mainstream Media Protecting Obama?

Conservative pundits, and even some moderate independents, are wondering if the mainstream media has begun giving Obama a push to the finish line in the national election – by up-playing Romney campaign problems and downplaying some of Obama's economic and foreign policy missteps.

Black Christians See No Clear Options Between Obama, Romney

With just 50 days until Americans go to the polls to select their next president, many black Christians find themselves in somewhat of an unusual predicament. Their choice is between reelecting a president who embraces same-sex marriage or a former governor whose religion practiced racial discrimination longer than most of the once segregated South. It may cause some to exercise a third and formerly unthinkable choice of sitting at home on Nov. 7.

Who Is Sam Bacile; What Is Terry Jones' Role in the Middle East Attacks?

News that the U.S. is investigating whether the murder of Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens was the result of a preplanned, coordinated terrorist attack and not a spontaneous uprising ignited by an anti-Muslim film have added a new dimension to the tragedy. Authorities have now discovered the identity of the man who made the movie.

Akin Returns to Campaign Trail With Improved, but Controversial Poll Numbers

The initial uproar over Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin over his "legitimate rape" comments may have momentarily subsided long enough for him to hit the campaign trail and focus on his now seemingly uphill bid to win what was once thought to be a "safe" Republican seat. Now a new Citizen's United Poll shows Akin leading Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill by almost five points.

Romney Pressures Obama on Middle East Policies in Wake of Attack

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is stepping up criticism of the White House's handling of foreign affairs in the Middle East in the wake of terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya that killed a U.S. ambassador. Romney condemned a statement from the Libyan embassy that seemed to mollify terrorists even as the White House avowed it, and is criticizing Obama for stepping away from plans for a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu just before the attacks.

SPLC Calls on Ryan, Cantor to Boycott Values Voter Summit

In a telephone press conference on Tuesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center and a number of gay rights organizations have called on elected officials such as GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to boycott this weekend's Values Voter Summit being organized by the conservative Family Research Council.

Obama's 9/11 Proclamation Void of 'God'

President Obama's annual proclamation – Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, 2012 – that recognizes the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 was void of any mention of "God" or prayer, but did call for Americans to observe a moment of silence and encouraged them to volunteer by assisting men and women in uniform.