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Christian Post Reporter

Obama Outraised Romney in August; Tries to Build Momentum Into Fall

The Obama campaign reported on Monday that it raised $114 million in August, just outpacing the Romney campaign's $111 million during the same reporting period. It is the first time in four months that Democrats have pulled in more than the GOP and now they are looking to build on the momentum gained from last week's Democratic National Convention during the campaign's final two months.

Dems Claim 'No Discord' in Efforts to Return 'God,' 'Jerusalem' to Platform

Democrats are saying there was "no discord" over Wednesday's motion offered by former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to insert the words "God" and "Jerusalem" back into the Democratic Party's platform after the platform committee passed the original version omitting the words. However, some delegates and convention attendees disagree and say words should not have been added and that the voice vote was not reflective of two-thirds of those present.

Obama Speech Moved Indoors Over Weather, Empty Seats Concerns?

After a day of speculation and rumors, the Democratic National Committee has made the decision to move President Obama's Thursday night acceptance speech to the Time Warner Arena instead of using the Bank of America Stadium that holds 73,000-plus people. Severe weather was given as the primary reason but some Democrats are saying the concern over an inability to fill all the seats also played a role.

Abortion, Gay Marriage Top DNC Agenda

The Democratic National Convention began in earnest Tuesday morning and part of the first day's business will be to adopt the party platform, which for the first time includes support of gay marriage while reinforcing prior language that supports abortion rights.

Wasserman-Schultz Addresses DNC Faith Council

Democratic National Chairperson and Florida Congressman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz addressed the Monday session of the Faith Council at the Democratic National Convention, where she described her early upbringing and the lessons she learned from her family around their dinner table.

Ryan Assumes Role as Top 'Punching Bag' for Liberals

An unusually direct Paul Ryan speech in Tampa has touched off a firestorm of controversy between liberal and conservative pundits over whether the GOP is right to take Medicare and other entitlement spending on as the center of a campaign and whether or not the closing of a GM plant was the fault of the Democrats or the Republicans. Many on the left now see him as the number one punching bag for Republican policies.

Republicans Showcase Diversity With Primetime Lineup

This year more than ever, the GOP gathering in Tampa highlights the growing number of African-American, Hispanic and female politicos involved in the Republican Party, many of whom the party believes will be rising stars and leaders for the next several decades.

Marriage Faces Tough Ballot Test in Four States

The race for the White House is starting to occupy the thoughts of many Americans now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are getting underway. But for voters in four key states, the issue of whether to allow same-sex marriages will also be front and center.

Akin Staying in After Meeting With Top-Level Evangelicals in Florida

The embattled GOP Senate candidate from Missouri, Rep. Todd Akin, met with key members of the Council for National Policy in Florida the past two days to assess his current status and whether he can remain a viable candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Several sources told The Christian Post that Akin believes he can still win and wanted to stay in the race and in a late afternoon press conference, confirmed that on Friday.

GOP Platform: Abortion, Marriage, Immigration Arise as Major Issues

Delegates meeting in Tampa ahead of next week's Republican National Convention have proposed a platform that by most standards, is considered one of the most conservative in recent memory. Fundamental issues such as language protecting the unborn, supporting traditional marriage and emphasizing the enforcement of immigration are just a few of the issues Republicans are including in the party document outlining its core principles.

Obama Outspends Romney as Romney Outraised Obama in July

It was only about one year ago that Republicans – not knowing who their nominee would be – were bracing for a presidential campaign where President Obama would have an unlimited campaign war chest while their candidate scraped by with only a great message and limited funds. That is not the case today.

How Are Christian Values Faring in GOP Platform?

The Republican National Convention may not be officially opening until Monday, but the hard work of finalizing the GOP platform – often referred to as its mission statement – is now under way in Tampa, Fla. Christians are paying particular attention to this year's committee meetings given the fact that the Democrats have voted to include same-sex marriage in their platform for the first time in history.