Penny Young Nance

Special to CP

A Sensitive Response to Rape

It's difficult to have a smart and sensitive conversation about the vicious reality of rape and its consequences and not an oversimplified conversation of sound bites, or one that's been watered down so as not to offend. Recently, the subject of rape, and conception following rape, has been the center of politically charged debates sparking hostile discussion between national figures and political pundits. Of course, this has offered pro-abortion advocates a foothold by which to advance their life-ending agenda.

A Mom Speaks Out Against Plan B in New York Public Schools

Kids can't have a super-sized soda pop in The Empire State, but they can have the morning-after pill? Wow. Things really are "different in New York." As a woman and a mom, the idea of young girls getting any unauthorized medication at school is a concern. Ibuprofen isn't even allowed without explicit parental approval. Who are the geniuses that decided this is a good idea?

A Mom's Response to the Aurora Shootings

As believers, we must help our children, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors see God's miracles amidst the chaos. Take Fox Denver's report that the gunman's largest, most deadly gun jammed. How many more lives were saved due to this mishap?